The Little Gym - Show Week!

Anna and Rob both got to take classes at The Little Gym of Olathe this past semester - and they absolutely LOVED it! A lot of that had to do with their instructor, Miss Delinda (who is also the owner of the gym). She's incredible! She so much fun, knows how to challenge the kids no matter what their motor skill level is, and encourages them to do their best and to have a great time doing it, too. She's awesome!

At the end of each semester, The Little Gym has a Show Week where the kids get to show off their new skills and receive medals. Here are some details about what Anna and Rob loved and lots of fun pics, too.


I was amazed at the things Anna was brave enough to do! Walking on the high balance beam, hanging on the uneven bars, flipping on the uneven bars, doing forward rolls on the balance beam . . . the list goes on and on. I'd have to say that Anna's three favorite things about The Little Gym are . . .

1) Forward Rolls. She really gets on a "roll" and does them over and over and over at the gym & at home.

2) Running around the big red mat during warm-ups. That girl can really get her tiny legs moving. She's one fast chick! She must be taking lessons from Isaac!

3) Bubble time at the end of class. Hey - what 1 1/2, almost 2 year old, doesn't love bubbles?

Didn't I say she loves those uneven bars?

I'm a comin' through the tunnel, here I come!

My beautiful brown-eyed girl.

Yoga bubble time!!!

Anna's class and their medals.


Rob is my four-year-0ld and let's just say that he loves The Little Gym for different reasons than Anna. He loves the tumbling and dare-devil tricks. His favorite three things about The Little Gym are . . .

1) Rolling around the uneven bars, and swinging off in a grand finale!

2) Cart-wheels and more cart-wheels!

3) Jumping, running, and falling onto soft mats. You know, the ones that cushion your tushy when you go BAM!

Seriously though, I was once again impressed with the gymnastic skills Rob demonstrated and caught onto so quickly. Here are some fun photos from Rob's show . . .

Singing hello with Miss Delinda.

Warming up with some monkey jumps!

Having fun with the parachute.

These are pics from Rob's tumbling routine. Rob's backward roll.

Rob's cart-wheel.

Rob's hand-stand.

Rob's balance beam routine was about a butterfly's life cycle.
Here he is the caterpillar, crawling up into his cocoon.
I don't have a picture of it, but Rob actually did crawl up into a ball position on the beam.

Here the caterpillar has come out of the cocoon
and spread his wings nice and wide!
Our camera wasn't taking pics fast enough, but the butterfly
walks down the beam, turns around to show off his new wings,
then "flies" away by jumping off.

Showing off on the uneven bars.
Rob in an unassisted front support hold.

An unassisted bucket hang. My little guy is very impressive!
Rob's favorite way to dismount is to swing back and forth,
then let go & land on his tush on the mat.

Medal time! We rock!

Hey, Mom & Dad . . . check out my awesome medal!

And now, for your viewing pleasure - two videos. One that's quite cute . . . the other is just funny, funny, funny!

I hope you enjoyed our update on our classes at The Little Gym of Olathe!

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Josie said...

That looks SO fun! I cant wait until my little one can do that kind of stuff! (she is having her 1st birthday party at the tumbling gym though! lol

Heather Justesen said...

Oh, my gosh Anna is getting so big! And Rob looks just like his dad. I bet they have a ball at gymnastics.

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful pictures! Your children have the most beautiful eyes - you could drown in them


Cindy Beck, author said...

That all looks like such fun. Oh, to be a kid again! :)

Anonymous said...

oh the cuteness...oh the fun...oh I wish we had a 'little gym' in nowhere Virginia.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi everyone - Yes, we do love The Little Gym. It's certainly been great for getting out Rob's extra energy. :)

ali cross said...

Those are awesome pictures! You got some great action shots!

I love how your love for your children shines through in what you write and choose to post here. It's wonderful.

YAY for your little ones!

themeese2 said...

Has Rob been watching "Evolution of Dance" videos? Hmmm? :-)

Amy said...

So much fun. I loved gymnastics when we had that pe section in middle school. And Rob is quite the character. He knows how to get down and dance, that's for sure.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I don't know that Rob's been watching Evolution of Dance as much as he really enjoys dancing in the kitchen with Mama while she cooks dinner. We really get silly at time. But man, that boy certainly inherited his Daddy's ability to shake those hips! I'm totally envious! But I just love how joyful he is and what a total goof-ball he is in public. :)

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

No wonder you're such a proud mama. What a cute and amazing family!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I am quite the proud little mama, aren't I? :) Thanks Ronda!

monstermash said...

Looks so fun... what a cute little guy!

Janette Rallison said...

My little guy--who is now taller than me and is made up completely of muscle--still loves gymnastics. It's just so amazing what the human body can do.

The Thomas Six said...

That looks like a lot of fun. You have adorable little acrobats :) Anna is awesome on tose things- and she is so little! CUTE CUTE CUTE!