January Preparedness Deals

Since I love all things preparedness related and get lots of emails with good deals, I thought I'd start posting once or twice a month with good specials I've found.

Today, I'm passing along a tip that there are fab deals on Emergency Essential's Roadwise Emergency Kits this month. They are currently back-ordered, but I've found that if you put in your order, they'll ship it to you ASAP and you still get a great deal.

This Roadwise Emergency Combo Kit is normally about $80, and is on special for $40.99. It includes typical road emergency stuff like jumper cables, but also water and first aid supplies. This is their biggest road side kit. There are smaller kits available that are on special as well. Just search on the Emergency Essentials website.

This month, EE also has some of their Provident Pantry food storage items on sale. The Iodized Salt and White Flour items are currently $2 less per container.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally going to keep an eye on what you post on this topic - I appreciate this - I have been planning on ordering my mom a first aid kit for her car for Valentine's Day - I'm going to order this instead - I really appreciate this

I would appreciate all the deals you find as I am a full time mom and bargain hunter

Cindy Beck, author said...

Good stuff to know. It's so nice to have someone else scope out the bargains and tell us about them!

Thanks, Danyelle!

Unknown said...

Great post! Can I add some deals I found at www.shelfreliance.com? FREE shipping on $199, Thrive Foods and Emergency Kits and supplies up to 20% off!!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Kathy & Cindy - No problem. Enjoy the deals!

Rebecca - Thanks for the tip!