Introducing CNN Blues Clues

Dinner is a family affair at the Ferguson home. And it's not just an eat quick and go meal either. Everyone stays at the table while we each take turns talking about what interesting things happened that day. Last night, my 12 year old was telling us about his day at school and my 5 year old asked for another helping of dinner. During that brief distraction I could have sworn I heard my son say he watched Blues Clues during Social Studies.

"You watched Blues Clues?" I asked incredulously.

This cracked my son up. He was laughing so hard, he literally fell out of his chair. He wasn't the only one laughing at me either. I think Anna and I were the only ones confused cause we missed the original comment.

"No, Mom! We watched CNN Student News!" Isaac corrected me.

Student News, Blues Clues - hey they almost, kinda rhyme, right?

Of course, my family doesn't leave it at that little mishap and move on. Oh no. My hubby started coming up with one liners for the CNN Blues Clues show. They were so funny, I wrote them down to share. Imagine my hubby as the anchor and he's directing you to different news segments.

"Today, there was an earthquake in the kitchen. Salt and Pepper are live on the scene. How does it look over there?"

"Now we'll head out to the back yard where the Sandbox is having export issues."

"Riots broke out at Magenta's house. Sadly, Joe is on strike, demanding better working conditions and less animals."

"CNN Blues Clues will be right back . . . after we get Thinking Chair repaired."

"And now, on the weather front. A low pressure system is moving through the Midwest. Let's Skeedoo into the picture."

"And the big question on everyone's mind: What is Blue really saying?"

Thank you for joining us for another interesting evening at CNN Blues Clues!

Is your family as wacky as mine?

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Donna K. Weaver said...

Too bad they don't really do that. lol