The Ultimate Chick Flick Finalists!

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Ultimate Chick Flick nominees. The top three finalists are . . .

Ever After

Pride & Prejudice (BBC version)

 Steel Magnolias

The chick flick movie judge (my hubby) has started watching already. Stay tuned for his notes and final results!

Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love) on Muses and the Life of a Writer

I'm still on my writers retreat, but had something awesome I wanted to share. Each day we've had a mini-devotional about writing, goals, etc. Today, Tamara Hart Heiner talked about our personal expectations and how we view our writing/muse. Then she shared this awesome TED talk with author Elizabeth Gilbert. I love how she describes our thoughts as authors, society's view of creative people, and where our muse comes from. The talk is a little less than 20 minutes, but so worth viewing. Enjoy!

Make the Time

Sometimes when you have a goal, you need to carve out time to get it done. These past three weeks have been filled with reading for the Whitney Awards and edits for clients. With so many stories floating through my head, you can imagine that it's extremely difficult to concentrate on my own writing projects.

How to solve the problem?

 Make the time. Carve it out and make it count.

I'm leaving today for a 3 day writers retreat. My to-do list is probably longer than I can get done in the time period, but I'm prepared to jump in and make my fingers fly, fly, fly. Afterall, when you work diligently towards your goal, your to-do list becomes your ta-da list!

What's your goal? How do you make it a priority?

Vote for The Ultimate Chick Flick!

Got Scouts? It's Pinewood Derby Time!

For this year's Pinewood Derby, I'm on the awards committee. My mission: To search for enough "award topics" for each Cub Scout in our Den. We have about 30 cubs, so this was a bit daunting. Until I turned to my friends and a few fabulous websites. And now, I'm sharing the love with you! There may be a few repeats on the list. I didn't get a chance to go through and sort them all. Be sure to mark this list on Pinterest, print it out, email it to friends and whatever else you do to save bloggy awesomeness for future use.

Cub Scout Award Topics 
(for Pinewood Derbies, Rain Gutter Regattas, or Rocket Launches)

1.    Best Paint Design
2.    Most Futuristic
3.    Most Original
4.    Most Realistic
5.    Fastest Looking Car
6.    Most Patriotic
7.    Most Unique
8.    Best Design
9.    Funniest
10.    Most Creative
11.    Most Humorous
12.    Sportiest
13.    Best Use Of Color
14.    Best Wedge Car
15.    Best Workmanship
16.    Most Aerodynamic
17.    Most Artistic
18.    Most Colorful
19.    Best Craftsmanship
20.    Best Detail
21.    Best Driver In the Car
22.    Best Funny Car
23.    Best Of Show
24.    Best Racer
25.    Best Vehicle Not A Car
26.    Coolest Design
27.    Fast and Furious
28.    Fastest Car In The Pack
29.    Judge`s Favorite
30.    Most Awesome
31.    Most Decals
32.    Most Unique
33.    Shiniest Paint Job
34.    Smoothest Finish
35.    Strangest Shape
36.    Kid’s Choice (where the children themselves pick a winner)
37.    Best Accessories
38.    Best Block Of Wood
39.    Top Movie Or TV Show Themed Car
40.    Best Color Scheme
41.    Best Jungle Car
42.    Best Law Enforcement Car
43.    Best Sports Theme
44.    Best Use Of Imagination
45.    Best Engineered
46.    Best Military Vehicle
47.    Best Flames
48.    Best Fuel Economy (slowest car)
49.    Best Imagination
50.    Best Use Of theme (assuming your group has a theme)
51.    Best Wood Carving
52.    Coolest Paint Job
53.    Best Truck
54.    Best Off Road Vehicle
55.    Crowd Favorite
56.    Fastest Car In The Den
57.    Fastest Car In The Outpost
58.    Most Complicated Wood Carving
59.    Ranger Derby Spirit Award
60.    Most Creative Use Of Material
61.    Most Cub Scout Pride
62.    Most Innovative Design
63.    Most Likely To Be On Front Cover of Motor Trend
64.    Most Scouty
65.    Most Sporty
66.    Most Colorful Paint Job
67.    Scariest Car
68.    Shiniest Car
69.    Simplest design
70.    Tallest Car
71.    Thinnest Car
72.    Most Bling
73.    Prettiest Car
74.    Strangest Shape
75.    Spirit of Pinewood Award
76.    Wildest Looking
77.    Muscle Car
78.    Plainest Looking
79.    Weirdest Looking
80.    Most Flashing Lights
81.    Most Lights
82.    Best Resemblance to a NASCAR
83.    Best Resemblance to an INDY Car
84.    Best Resemblance to an F1 Car
85.    Best Resemblance to a Monster Truck
86.    Most Cartoonish
87.    Least Wood Left On Car
88.    Best Classic Car Design
89.    Best Street Rod
90.    Best Drag Racer
91.    Best Use of Advertising
92.    Peoples Choice Award
93.    Racers Choice Award
94.    Best Paint Job
95.    Most Colorful Paint Job
96.    Shiniest Paint Job
97.    Best Use Of Color
98.    Most Realistic Paint Job
99.    Most Realistic Looking Car
100.    Most Original Design
101.    Coolest Design
102.    Best Funny Car
103.    Most Unusual
104.    Fastest Car In The Pack
105.    Fastest Car In The Den
106.    Sportiest Looking
107.    Best Workmanship
108.    Best Use of Imagination
109.    Most Aerodynamic Car
110.    Best Detail
111.    Most Unusual Car
112.    Most Humorous Car
113.    Fastest Looking Car
114.    Most Decals
115.    Smoothest Finish
116.    Strangest Shape
117.    Most Futuristic
118.    Most Patriotic
119.    Funniest
120.    Best Wedge Shape
121.    Best Driver In the Car
122.    Best Vehicle Not A Car
123.    Best Racer
124.    Best Design
125.    Most Unique
126.    Judge's Favorite
127.    Best of Show
128.    Most Creative
129.    Most Artistic
130.    Sportiest
131.    Most Creative Use of Material
132.    Best Fuel Economy (slowest car)
133.    Best Block of Wood
134.    Most Magical
135.    Most Imaginative
136.    Most Colorful
137.    Most Aerodynamic
138.    Car The Judge Would Want to Drive in Real Life
139.    Most Sci-Fi
140.    Most Energy Efficient (slowest)
141.    Sleekest Design
142.    Best Paint Job
143.    Most Innovative Design
144.    So Bright We Had to Wear Shades
145.    Cheetah Award
146.    Most American
147.    Most Explosive
148.    Most Flyin’
149.    Smoothest
150.    Shiniest
151.    Heaviest
152.    Lightest
153.    Fuzziest
154.    Tastiest
155.    Wildest

2013 Ultimate Chick Flick Contest

Four years ago, I hosted a movie contest on my blog. But not just any old contest. Oh no! A Chick Flick contest. But wait, there's more . . .

Not only was it a quest to find the ultimate Chick Flick, but my hubby - the chick flick tolerater, the "I'd rather sleep while you watch the movie" guy - was the judge!

Am I brilliant or what?

Hubby and I recently talked about fun past blog posts and contests, and this was one of our faves! So we decided to do it again. We can't wait to see what you come up with this time!

Here are the rules and prizes. Please be sure to read and follow them!

1. No Rated R Movies! G, PG, and PG-13 only.

2. To nominate a movie, please leave a comment on this blog with the title and year the movie came out (for example, if you nominate Sabrina - I need the year to know which movie version you are nominating). Nominations must be received by midnight on Friday, January 11th, 2013. Be sure to add your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win.

3. Each movie nominated must be available at a local movie rental center or Redbox. If we can't find it, we can't watch it. In such case, it will be disqualified.

4. Each person may nominate up to 3 movies.

5. On Monday, January 14th, a poll with all the movie nominations will be posted on Queen of the Clan. This is your chance to vote for the Ultimate Chick Flick. The poll closes on January 19th.

6. The top 3 movie finalists will be announced on Monday, January 21st.

7. After the poll closes, my hubby will watch the top three movies. Then hand down the judgment of which flick was the best and why.

8. The winning Chick Flick will be announced no later than January 31st (possibly earlier depending on how long it takes my hubby to watch the movies).

9. The movie nomination winner(s) will be announced by January 31st (same time as the winning movie is announced), contacted via email and must reply within three days.  

The Prize - FIVE Redbox free 1-night rental codes (no expiration dates!)

PLEASE NOTE: I will keep a master list of all the nominations and nominators. If the winning chick flick was nominated by more than one person, the Redbox rental codes will be divied up. For example, if 5 people nominated the same movie, they will each receive 1 free rental code.  If there are between 2-4 people who nominate, then I will divide up the rental code amounts at my discretion. If more than five enter, then I will use to choose 5 winners.

Happy nominating, everyone!

PS - In February, I will host an Action Flick contest with me (the cover-my-eyes-freaked-out-romance-loving-chick) as the judge.