Storymakers 2nd Annual Midwest Writers Conference

Date: Saturday, Sept. 21st, 2013
Time: 8 am – 9 pm
Location: Holiday Inn (8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, KS  Phone: 913-888-8440)
Hotel rooms are available for conference guests at the special rate of $84 per night. Please reference the Storymakers Midwest Writers Conference when booking your room.  This rate is only available for reservations made before August 30th.
Registration Fee: $105, includes all classes, conference materials, lunch and dinner.

2013 Keynote Speakers . . . 

Best-selling author, Janette Rallison

Amazon’s 2012 Breakthrough Novel Award Winner, Regina Sirois

Additional presenters include . . .

Traci Hunter Abramson

Rebecca Belliston

Don Carey

Danyelle Ferguson

John Ferguson

Tamara Hart Heiner

Heather Justesen

Gregg Luke

Lynn Parsons

Matt Peterson

Join us for a day filled with writing awesomeness!
Questions? Email Danyelle Ferguson at

A Taste of Home

It's always nice to return home to Pennsylvania. But while I enjoy visiting my family and friends, I'm really sneaking out my "Taste of Home" list and checking items off one by one.

 For example, my all time favorite potato chips are only found in Pennsylvania. And oh, they are simply divine! Middleswarth, how I love thee!

A few weeks ago, I drove through PA with my oldest daughter. I told her that you know when you're definitely in PA when you go to a buffet and they serve pickled eggs. My Great Aunt Erma used to make pickled eggs for our family holiday meals and throughout the summer too. They're not only pretty, but a delicious tangy treat.

Another absolute must - a stop at OIP. (That's Original Italian Pizza for y'all not from Pennsylvania). No need for toppings. Just grab a slice of classic cheese and your taste buds will thank you.

Anyone traveling through PA absolutely must stop for a cheesesteak sub. There's only one state that makes them right - and you have to go to a local bar to get the best. My fave location is The Old Corner in Lock Haven. My order always includes grilled onions and green peppers, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and crushed red peppers. No matter what toppings you prefer, be sure to try the crushed red peppers!

 So these are a few of my faves from my personal Taste of Home Tour. What delicious treats do you enjoy when you return to your hometown?

My New Book Release!

I'm excited to announce that I have a new book out! I was selected to write a short story for Michael Young's Advent Anthology series. Each year, Michael invites authors to put together a series of short stories based on Christmas songs. What an awesome advent for bookaholics! But the best part is each year a charity is selected for all the proceeds to be donated to.

This year's charity is Autism Speaks. And y'all know how near and dear autism is to me and my family. So I was thrilled when he asked me to participate.


The Gifts of Friendship and Hope by Danyelle Ferguson
The Gifts of Friendship and Hope, (based on the song "Mary, Did You Know?") is about Holly, a mother of two children--one of whom has autism--struggling through her first Christmas as a single mother. At the end of yet another difficult day, Holly can't decide if she should use the little energy she has left to clean the kitchen or wrap holiday gifts. Especially when all she really wants is to go upstairs, sink into her bed and embrace the oblivion of sleep. When her best friends from the local Autism Society group arrive armed with treats, ribbon and bows, Holly is reminded that laughter and friendship not only ease away the stress of a crazy day, but add a big dose of hope for the future as well.

Yes, I know it's May and Christmas is still, oh, 7-ish months away, but it's never too early to buy a perfect gift.  =)  Over the next several months, there will be blog tours and interviews with the authors as each contributor shares their personal "why" for participating in the series. I'll post promo information here and on my Facebook page. I'm sure there will be some fun interviews, reviews, and maybe even some prizes, too. Until then, Carol of the Tales and Other Nightly Noels can be purchased on or for your Kindle. If you would like an autographed copy, I'll have links for that on my website in June. Enjoy!