Feed Your Brain - Free Books for Kids!

I love programs that encourage our kids to do more than just watch TV or play video games during summer break. One of my kids' favorite programs is Half Price Books' Feed Your Brain.

The goal is for kids (up to age 14) to read 15 minutes or more each day. Younger children (babies/toddlers/preschoolers, etc) can have a grown up read to him and those minutes count too.

When you child reaches 300 minutes in one month, he can take his calendar log into the store and will receive a $5 Bookworm Bucks Certificate. I searched for official rules to see if you have a book devourer in your family, if the child can turn in the log each time she reaches 300 minutes. There wasn't anything that said they can or can't . . . so I'm going with READ and turn in your calendar for free books!  =)

Here's a link to print out a calendar for each of your munchkins. The store also has log calendars available to pick up at their front desk. Need book suggestions? Check out HPB's recommendations.