Freelance Editor

Are you a writer with a manuscript that needs edited? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring author and wonder if you’re on the right track. Whether your manuscript is completed or still a work in progress, Ferguson Authors has editing services to fit your needs.

First 30 Pages Content Edit & Review
Price: $75
Most readers will put a book down if they aren’t sucked into the plot within thirty pages. This service includes review of the manuscript's plot flow, characterization, cliff hangers, pacing, exposition, and writer’s style. An evaluation of strengths and weaknesses is also included.  *This edit is highly recommended as a starting point for unpublished writers and new clients.
Full Developmental and Content Edit Service
Price: $0.01 per word, (min. $50)
The entire manuscript will be read from both a reader’s and editor’s point of view. Examples of editing comments include thoughts on humor, tension, characters, pacing, exposition, point-of-view consistency, as well as thoughts that run through my “reader’s” mind—guesses as to who the killer is, what’s going to happen next, what I think about the wicked step-sister, and if the storyline is keeping my attention are a few examples and will differ according to your manuscript. The edit also includes light line editing and sentence structure. You will also receive a separate letter with an evaluation of both strengths and weaknesses and a general overview of the editing comments in the manuscript. Comments are made on the manuscript with the exception of the evaluation letter. Clients who pay for a First 30 Pages Edit and choose to continue with a full edit on the same manuscript will be credited the price of the 30 Pages Edit fee.  

How to Schedule an Appointment

Email me at with which service you'd like. I will provide a formal quote with additional information. There is a $50 deposit to book the appointment. The deposit is part of your editing fee. If you cancel or miss your appointment, the deposit is non-refundable.

Feedback from Authors and Writers

“Danyelle edited my book, The Thirteenth Reality, and I fully recommend her services. She gave keen insight regarding content and the flow of the narrative. She let me know when it started to drag or lose its umph. Perhaps most importantly, she told me where it was really good, helping me feel confident in the parts I should not change. Long live Danyelle!” - James Dashner

“Danyelle edited my latest project for me. With an acute eye for detail, she found mistakes and plot holes that had eluded me even after countless hours of editing. Because she is educated and a voracious reader, she knows what makes a story work and what makes it fall flat on its face.” - Tristi Pinkston (aka Amelia C. Adams)

"Ms. Ferguson has edited several projects for me. Her feedback is invaluable. She is clear and concise in her notes, and works with me to tell the story in its most authentic way. She has a good sense of voice, style, and humor. I'd recommend her services to any author who is looking for a good working relationship with a dependable professional."  - Lisa Swinton

"I would never submit one of my manuscripts to my publisher without having Danyelle edit it first. Whether I've asked for a content edit or a line edit, my book always ends up much better after she's checked it for me!" -Heather Justesen (aka Heather Tullis)

"I want to thank Danyelle Ferguson from FergusonAuthors Editing for getting me off to such a good start with my finished manuscript. Initially, Danyelle worked with me on only the first three chapters of the book. She made oodles of suggestions . . . everything from the typical grammar and punctuation items, to voice, characterization, plot, and flow. I was very pleased with her comments and ideas for improvement. After spending a month making the suggested changes and applying the principles to the entire text, I sent the manuscript back to her for a full edit. I readily admit that if I had not gone through this crucial process with her, I never would have gotten my book ready for submission to a publisher. She is great to work with, and she will cheer you on, all the way to the desired goal: publication. Thanks Danyelle! I couldn't have done it without you!" -Daron Fraley