Friday, February 22, 2008

The Princess and The Frog

One of my favorite stories as a young child was The Princess and The Frog. My favorite part was when the princess kissed the frog and he turned into a handsome prince.

Last weekend, two very special people from our family became a princess and a frog. My daughter, MJ, and her Dad. MJ's Girl Scout troop was invited to the district's annual Princess and Frog Ball. MJ was very excited as she got all dressed up in her fanciest church dress. Then I did her hair all nice and pretty, we painted her toe nails and finger nails. It was quite the little pampering party. In typical fashion, Dad had the easiest job. He got ready in normal work attire - dress slacks, dress shirt - and added a fun tie. So what took us hours to get ready for, only took Dad about fifteen minutes.

Never-the-less, MJ has thrilled as Dad escorted her to the Ritz Charles for the ball. When they returned home (close to 10 pm that night), they were both filled with stories of how much fun they had dancing and laughing the night away. Before going to bed, MJ gave her Dad a big kiss on the cheek. Unlike the childhood story I enjoyed, Dad didn't go Poof! and turn into a prince. He's been a prince all along - and of course, we all knew it!

Enjoy the pics from the dance!

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