Make the Time

Sometimes when you have a goal, you need to carve out time to get it done. These past three weeks have been filled with reading for the Whitney Awards and edits for clients. With so many stories floating through my head, you can imagine that it's extremely difficult to concentrate on my own writing projects.

How to solve the problem?

 Make the time. Carve it out and make it count.

I'm leaving today for a 3 day writers retreat. My to-do list is probably longer than I can get done in the time period, but I'm prepared to jump in and make my fingers fly, fly, fly. Afterall, when you work diligently towards your goal, your to-do list becomes your ta-da list!

What's your goal? How do you make it a priority?

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Anonymous said...

I make goals everyday, for writing AND just being. Writing goal is to write everyday, even if it's only a sentence or editing something I wrote yesterday, do it. Everything else? Practice the piano, walk or do some sort of exercise, think before I speak, be more patient. I can't imagine a life without goals, little to large. Have fun on the writers' retreat Danyelle!

Renae Weight Mackley said...

Sometimes it's a matter of saying "no" to lesser priorities. Life will get overwhelming if we let it. We have to realize that other people can fulfill the requests of those who want us for something but don't really need us. Learn what to say yes or no to. Enjoy the retreat.
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Anonymous said...

I am just now beginning to set a daily ritual for doing thing I feel are important to me. I should have been this smart years ago, but better late than never. :D

Kristie Grimes

Lisa Swinton said...

answer the question, "What do I really want?" Don't worry if it take some mulling over and pondering. check in with your life plan you wrote this fall. Look at it daily. Tweak it if needed. Call me when you need to unload and process.

Heather Justesen said...

I think it's partly about being in the thick of thin things--what are our priorities? If we have something that's important to us that isn't getting done, then we need to decide what we're doing with our time that is less important and make room for the things that are important. Or we need to reorganize the things we're doing to squeeze in that item that we absolutely want to do--which sometimes means trading some time for one important thing to give time for another important thing (like taking three days to go on a retreat--there are important things you're putting off or rearranging to give yourself these three days, but that doesn't mean that you should do that from time to time.)