Food Storage Sale

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up that Emergency Essentials just announced a sale on some of their food storage items. They are:

Potato Flakes - $5.99
Freeze-dried Spinach - $12.99
Cornstarch - $6.99
Brown Sugar - $7.99
Powdered Sugar - $6.99
Iodized Salt - $7.99
White Flour - $5.99
Refried Beans - $7.99
MRE Side Dish Variety - $20.99

Prices are good until Jan. 31st, but supplies are limited.

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Cindy Beck, author said...

Thanks for a worthwhile heads up, Danyelle!

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Flu-Written not Flea-Ridden. I had to laugh at your Dimetapp dosage ... you know what they say, "Better living through chemistry." :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

You're welcome, Cindy. And I'm glad you enjoyed my Dimetapp story. :)

Unknown said...

I noticed is also having a food storage sale on their fruits and veggies!