Some Seriously Awesome Dance Moves - Take Two

I just loved that first video Evolution of Dance. When Dave Beck told me there was an Evolution of Dance 2, I had to go look it up. It's not as awesome as the first one, but it's still makes me LOL.

As a side note - Can I just tell you something? I'm totally jealous. This guy can seriously shake his hips. My hips just don't work like that. I've always wanted them to, but they just don't have the "get down" rhythm - no matter how hard my brain tries to tell them what to do. So yes, my brown eyes turn a bit green when I see those hips work it. Man. Maybe I should take a belly dancing class. Do you think that would help?

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Great ... and I seriously love this template!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you should try one of those hip-hop dance dvds.

I am long and giraffe-like, and the one I rented from netflix still made me look pretty cool!!

(Sorry, I don't remember the name of it.)

Also, that clip never gets old. I love it...even part 2.

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

Hmmm. Belly Dancing. I've often wondered about that. If you try it, let us know how it goes. And then write about it in a book!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Tristi - Thank you! I finally decided to be brave and try out TCBOTB backgrounds. :)

Carolyn - Let me tell you something. Some girlfriends and have started exercising each Monday morning. Well, one of my friend's daughter has a Barbie exercise VHS. It's so old, Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it, but she's still Jennifer Love. ;-) Anyway, all of the dance exercises are those really cool dance moves I always wanted to learn in Jr. High, but could never figure out. I have seriously discovered there are ways my body was never meant to move! 2 out of the 4 of us kept trying to match what they were doing on the screen - while my other two friends laughed their butts off. :)

Ronda - I'll let you know if I get brave enough to try out belly dancing!

Unknown said...

Hi Danyelle! How do you get your contest info out to people? I have contests running every week for the rest of the year if you'd like to include them.

Nichole Giles said...


That one is really funny. It was a nice laugh break for the evening. Hey, if you really want to try belly dancing, maybe you could talk Jeff Savage into hiring a belly dancer to come give us lessons during the conference this year. You know, for research...

Can't you just see all of us crazy writers trying to belly dance? That would be hilarious. There's your book, right there!

Glad your template worked out, by the way. It's cute.


The Thomas Six said...

Anothe funny one! LOL.... this one desnt look so muh like John! :)