The Count Down Begins

4 Days to Go . . .

This week has been crazy. I meant to post on Monday, but I've just had so many things on my mind and my to-do list just keeps growing with things to do to prepare for next week. I can't believe the surgery is at our doorstep already. After meeting with our surgeon last month, it seemed like forever before the surgery would actually happen.

Well, it's here.

Last week, we started talking with Isaac about the upcoming surgery. He was really freaked out. Like, curl-up-in-a-ball-crying-on-his-bed freaked out.

Monday I called and scheduled a pre-operation tour at Children's Mercy Downtown. Tuesday night, my hubby & I took Isaac in. It's probably one of the best things we decided to do. Miss Amy showed him everything from checking in at the security gate, where to go, the Same Day Surgery check-in, waiting rooms, etc. We watched a video about all the things that will happen that day and Isaac got to see all the rooms first hand - except the operation room, but we saw that in the video. He asked lots and lots of questions, which Miss Amy was a pro at answering. Then Isaac got to play with all the medical equipment they'd use pre-surgery. He even got to wear the anestesia mask and smell the different flavors he could choose for his "sleeping medicine." He chose banana. Miss Amy sent him home with a doll to color (he made his look like Wow Luigi from Mario Kart), a gown for the doll, bracelet, hair cap cover thingy the docs & nurses wear, face masks, the finger oxigen/heartbeak instrument, band-aides, cotton balls, etc. He's been using them ever since to practice for next week. He doesn't seem to be freaked out anymore - whew!

Now it's just mom (and probably dad, too) who's freaked out. As the day gets closer and closer, I worry about the surgery, Isaac, and how all my other kids are going to do while I'm basically incognito for a week. I'm totally grateful for wonderful friends who've stepped up and volunteered to love & care for my kiddos while we're with Isaac. But still, I'm just worried about not being there for everyone. It's so difficult to be torn between two places at once.

Prayers & Fast for Isaac

I also wanted to thank everyone for their prayers on Isaac's behalf. I am so grateful for every single one of you. Several of you have asked if we will hold a fast for Isaac. My Bishop has organized a fast on Sunday, February 8th - the day before the surgery. I'm sure that hubby & I will be fasting both Sunday and Monday during the surgery. If anyone would like to join us either of those days, we would appreciate it very much. If you're not familiar with fasting, it's when you choose to not partake of usually two meals in a show of faith and sacrifice to Heavenly Father as you pray for something specific. In this case, I'm fasting for guidance for the surgeon and for Isaac to understand what's happening, to not be afraid, to have a safe, successful surgery, and a healthy recovery.

Once again, thank you so much everyone. I will try to keep you updated as much as possible this next week. Check back often. I don't know that I'll have an opportunity to send out emails, but I should get to post details here.

Much love to you all!

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Josi said...

Oh, good luck. I get queasy just thinking about that. Hugs and more prayers.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thank you, Josi. And thank you for telling me about your friend who had this same surgery. It's been very helpful to know how good she feels now.

Cindy Beck, author said...

If it's any help, I'm feeling nervous with you! :)

We've been praying for Isaac, fasted last Sunday and will fast again this Sunday.

Hope everything goes well, Isaac isn't in a lot of pain, and the recovery is a breeze.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thank you, Cindy! You are so wonderful. Thanks for being such a great friend!

Todd McCarthy said...


You all we be in my prayers! He is the greatest and I know he will be well taken care of. Told him I'd see him Tuesday or Wednesday. Whatever is best. What a blessing he is to all!

Todd McCarthy

Teri said...

I know its hard to think about not being there for everything for all of your kids. Luckily you have good people looking over you like we did with Brayden. I did have to come home and take care of everyone everyday because Chloe was still so young, but we wouldn't have survived without all of the help. And you guys will be well taken care of, too! You are in our prayers. Too bad Utah is so far away from you.