Hospital Pictures

First let me say . . . Happy Birthday, Anna!!!

As promised, here are the pics from our stay at Children's Mercy. I hadn't realized we'd taken so few pictures. We didn't get pics with any visitors other than my Dad right before he left. Sorry to all our friends who came by to spend time with Isaac!

We were in the Hippo room. This is Isaac hugging his bear.

Isaac looking a little apprehensive about the upcoming surgery.

John & Isaac playing Nintendo DS games against each other as we wait . . .

I loved this pic in the room we were waiting in.
There are many, many, many days I feel just like this Mama Elephant.

The day after the surgery. Just before we got rid of the nasal oxygen thing.

Pappy and Isaac

Ooh - A present from Pappy.

Power Miners & DS Styluses from Pappy!
By the time Isaac came home, he had several different Lego sets he received
from his friends who visited. He was very exited and loved building & playing with them.

Yummy tacos.
Isaac asked for tacos for dinner every night we were there.
He also had hamburgers for lunch each day as well. :)

The KU Med students came for a Valentine Card activity one evening with the kids.
It was really fun and the guy helping Isaac was fantastic!

Isn't Isaac sweet? He made a Valentine's Card for his sister!

Isaac won a prize! He chose a monkey like on Mario Kart.
Ironically, he named him Mario the Monkey.

Therapy dogs came for one of the evening activities. Isaac absolutely loved Bella.
She's 1 1/2 years old and such a mild tempered, sweet dog.

Isaac and Bella the Beagle

Isaac and one of his favorite nurses, Jessica. She was awesome!

The one thing Isaac begged to do every day was go down to the play room
to play Mario Kart Doubles. He loved it.
He especially loved kicking Mommy's tush. It was quite embarrassing.

It was so fun to come home and find our front door all decorated by
our daughter MJ and her Activity Days group. Thank you!!!

We love you guys, too!

Here is a slightly boring, but fun video of John & Isaac dueling each other on the Nintendo DS while we waited for his surgery. At least it kept Isaac occupied.

Thank you so much to everyone for their love, faith, and prayers. You were each such a blessing for Isaac and our family. Much love to you all!

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Josie said...

It kind of looks more like a vacacation than a scarry hospital stay! I am SO glad everything went well and that you are all doing ok!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thank you, Josie. And thanks so much for stopping by so often while we were in the hospital. I enjoyed reading your comments.

Girl Tornado said...

Hi Danyelle, nice to meet you! My hat is off to you, 4 kids, wow!! And with everything else you do, I can see you are one busy woman :) My only son is 27 and married, and even though I've moved to KS, we remain very, very close. They are truly a gift from God!

Anonymous said...

What a brave little boy...and a brave mommy. I am so glad you are home safe and sound.

Cindy Beck, author said...

I'm soooooo glad it went well and Isaac is back home again. WAHOO!

The pictures were fun to see, too.

And happy birthday to Anna!

Oh, and one more thing ... thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Hula in the Coola!
What? Red day is heart day? No way! Okay, maybe way. :)

The Thomas Six said...

Im glad Isaac is doing so well! Good Job Buddy! And Happy Birthday To Anna!

ali cross said...

Those are great pictures Danyelle. What I love most, and that says so much of the sort of boy Isaac is, is the smile that is on his face in every single picture. What a special boy!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I just love Isaac's smile too. :)

Thanks for your comments, everyone. It's so wonderful to have so many friends. Much love to you all!