Monday, July 28, 2008

We're All Together Again . . .

Saturday, I flew back and forth from Kansas City to Pittsburgh, PA and back to Kansas City. What prompted such madness? I went back to collect my two munchkins from their visit with Aunt Cheryl. They had a fabulous time getting totally spoiled (Aunt Cheryl made them homemade pancakes for breakfast AND homemade milkshakes almost every night before bed! No wonder they're already talking about next summer's trip!)

The best part of having the kids home (aside from lots of hugs and snuggles) has to be Anna's reaction. Early Sunday morning, Anna woke up to find Rob sleeping in his bed! She was so excited, she was singing to him, yelling, hitting her crib rails - anything to try to wake him up. But the poor boy was totally conked out from all that travel. My hubby got Anna out of her crib and took her out to the kitchen for breakfast, while I stayed in bed.

Around 7 am, MJ got up and came upstairs for breakfast. Anna was again, over-come with excitement. MJ received lots of hugs. Then Anna took her hand and led MJ down the hall, knocking on all the doors to tell everyone MJ was home. She brought MJ in to my room, then did a happy dance which involved arms waving up and down, her hips moving side to side,and turning in circles. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!

My hubby made a big breakfast for everyone, during which Anna had perma-grin attached to her face.

Of course, now that the kids have been back for over 24 hours, they've all gotten over the excitement and are back to running up and down the stairs and yelling "Mom!" every fifteen minutes. Man, I love my family.


Jennifer said...

How sweet! I love how kids are so spontaneous and silly. My little 2-year-old will dance and she'll say, "I'm shakin' my booty". :) I loved to read about Anna's happy dance. Kids are so cute.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Jennifer - LOL! Shakin' her booty, eh? That's a hoot!

The Thomas Five said...

What a terrific story! That would have had me rollin on the floor. I would have loved to see that happy dance- must have been priceless!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

It was really fun. Anna was just so totally excited and happy. I knew she missed the kids, but I didn't realize how much. :)

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