Tagged! A Closer Look . . .

Ali tagged me for A Closer Look . . . This could be scary!

1. My Kitchen Sink

Since we just finished breakfast, the dishes are still in there. And yes, those bowls were filled with Cocoa Krispies. :)

2. Inside My Fridge

Nothing nice and orderly here. In fact, if you look closely, you can see the left over chinese take out.

3. My Favorite Shoes

What? Did you really expect me to pick just one? At least I narrowed it down to four! My favorite church shoes are on top. The Mary Janes are what I wear when I think I'll be chasing kids - and since I teach the sunbeams, I wear them often! The other shoes are my "I'm feeling sexy" shoes. I love the spiky heels and open toes. I especially like to wear them when I've just had a home pedicure. Below, are my favorite winter black clogs. They are so cool cause when I'm wearing them with jeans, it looks like I have cowboy boots on - but the clogs are soo much more comfy! I've had the sandals for three or four years now. I wear them EVERYWHERE in the summer (unless I'm pregnant - then my feet swell too much & I can only wear flip flops).

4. My Closet

This picture doesn't do my closet justice. When we first moved in, my hubby joked that we could put the baby's crib in our closet and still have room to get to our clothes - and we could! (Not that we ever actually set up the crib in the closet. Didn't want to worry anyone!)

5. The Laundry Pile

I do not have a cutesy, finished laundry room. In fact, my laundry room is in the sub-basement and has spider webs. Yikes! Right now, the laundry pile is quite small; thanks to my hubby. He's been the laundry dude lately while I write. Of course, I think it stems for the fact that if he didn't do it, he'd run out of tighty whiteys quite quick.

6. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now

What can I say? We just had breakfast and it looks like it might rain this morning. Thank goodness for the good old telly.

7. My Favorite Room

My favorite room is our formal living room. I love the vaulted ceilings, huge fire place, and bay window (that lets in lots of natural light!). I have tons of ideas of what I want to do when this room comes up for a makeover! But right now, I just enjoy laying on the couch and reading whatever my current book is.

8. My Recent Purchase

This is as recent as I can show you. I actually ordered some clothes online just last night, but they haven't arrived yet. :) I shop online a lot - which is where I purchased both of these. My sister is a HUGE made in the USA advocate. She found this company (Sun & Earth) back in PA that makes environment friendly cleaning products. She's been using them for the last 18 months or so. I finally broke down and put in an order for their laundry detergent & all purpose cleaner. I haven't tried the laundry stuff yet - but I LOVE the all purpose cleaner! It's fabulous and totally kid friendly. I can use it on Anna's high chair and not worry about wiping it down again to get all the chemicals off - cause there are none! It's all natural! I highly recommend it! And it smells like oranges (because it uses orange oil). Very nice. The other round thing in the picture is a votive candle holder. I recently ordered some candles from the Yankee Candle website. This holder was on clearance - and totally cute for my kitchen. I plan to put it on my desk whenever it gets installed. (Hint, hint: It's time for their semi-annual sale!)

9. My Fantasy Vacation

I would love to take my family on the Disney Land & Sea Cruise. It's in the "fantasy" slot because I get sea sick and I'm terrified one of my kids will fall overboard! Have you been on a cruise & seen how big the gaps are between the railings?!? Yikes!

I think the closest we'll get to this vacation is just going to Disney World - which I'm totally excited about! We loved Disneyland. We're saving up to take the kids to Disney World for a week or two.

10. Self-Portrait

This is me, first thing in the morning - freckles and all!

And now . . . I'm going to tag (drum roll, please)




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Tristi Pinkston said...

I may not forgive you for this . . . this is a really bad day around here!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Oh no! Tristi! Don't hate me! :)

Don't worry - your readers understand that you have kids and a real life. Not everything can be as organized as our blogs. ;-)

Good luck!

Janette Rallison said...

Wow. You are way cleaner than I am. There is no way I'd show my fridge or my kitchen sink as both constantly look like disasters.

Great self portrait though!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Janette -

I don't know that I'm cleaner, as much as it was early morning when I got the email for the tag. Each night, we load the dishwasher and do a bit of clean up before heading to bed. Hence, the fairly empty sink. We just had lunch, and you should see the pile of dishes, pots, and cups we have now!

Unknown said...

Darn. I shouldn't have looked until tomorrow afternoon--tomorrow is cleaning day and we've been out of town so the house is, well...And I'm, well....
I'm working on the tag now, so go see what mess you've stumbled upon in a bit. :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

De! Yeah! I'm so glad you joined in. I'm on my way over . . .

Heather Moore said...

Great pictures! My fridge is usually pretty clean because I keep it so empty! :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Aha! So that's the secret, eh? :)