Book Review: The Moroni Code by Jack Lyon

When FBI agent David Hunter is assigned to decipher the mysterious code on a letter from Joseph Smith, everything goes wrong. The code is much harder to break than he'd imagined, complicated by the fact that someone has been stealing documents from the Church's Historical Department. And always in the back of his mind is his overwhelming need to translate an even stranger document: his grandfather's authentic copy of characters from the golden plates--a fading slip of paper he jokingly calls the Moroni Code. But it's no joke. If he can work out the translation, it will mean Joseph Smith really was a prophet--and he can finally make sense of his own heritage, his own life. But first, he has to protect the Church--and time is running out.

The Moroni Code by Jack Lyon was a great book. The plot moved quickly, there was lots of good action, the code was fun to try to unravel, and there was even a tiny bit of romance. My only complaint is that while I was really into the book, I never got that on-the-edge-of-my-seat feeling I would expect of a suspense/mystery novel. Minus that one little complaint, this really was a great book!

QOTC Rating: Four Stars

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