Oklahoma Family Vacation - Part Three

This is my last post for our Oklahoma trip.

Of course, while we were on vacation spent quite a bit of time playing family games together. Rob - my five year old - became quite the Yahtzee champion. That boy has got the Yahtzee magic touch!

We played lots of games - Monopoly, Kings on a Corner, Skipbo, Disney Memory, Go Fish, and more! Anna was quite funny. She added her own little "MoJo" flavor to everything she did - a special way to shake the dice, a silly giggle, or a sassy little dance for whenever she did something great. She was such fun to play with!

I am going to end this series with our trip to the Botanical Gardens. At first glance, this destination looks really tiny - and definitely on the dinky side. We were super surprised when we started following the paths and discovered a HUGE set of gardens that went on and on and on! Our kids absolute favorite part was the Japanese Gazebo & pond. The pond looks totally disgusting - all green, yucky water. We watched some cute baby turtles swim around. As we were leaving, we discovered a bucket filled with fish food. We paid for a cup, then went over and tossed a few pebbles in - hoping for a few fishies. There were TONS of huge, color fish - all lurking under that yucky green water, just waiting for someone to toss them some food. We continued tossing in a little at a time. The kids laughed and laughed as the fish jumped over each other trying to get their fair share! It was a really fun surprise!

This concludes our pics from our Oklahoma Family Vacation. I hope everyone is having a great summer. Take advantage of every minute! The start of school is coming up!

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kbrebes said...

Beautiful gardens! Fun pics! What a nice family va-cay!