Summer Fun

We've had so much going on this summer. It seems like we've been on the run and I know I've been neglecting my blog. Sorry everyone! I hope you enjoy seeing some of the "coming and going" we've been doing.

First up - my awesome son, Isaac, earned three pins and completed his Webelos badge on July 8th! 

My totally cute hubby is the Cubmaster of the pack, so he got to present Isaac with his last cub scout badge.

Thankfully, he didn't stick me when he gave me my Webelos pin!  =)

Isaac, Mom & Dad after the pack cheer for Isaac.

Second up - Rob and Anna had some cute stuff going on . . .

Don't they look like angels getting ready to go spread some mischief?

And finally - some birthday love with our adopted mama, Marge Gifford. 

John and I were invited to a family & adopted family surprise party. All of Mom Gifford's kids flew in from around the U.S.  We had such fun catching up and playing! My daughter, MJ, played photographer and got some awesome pictures. It's always fun to see how much more relaxed people are when kids take the pictures . . . 

MJ even takes good pictures of herself! She totally gets that from her Dad.

John and Steve (Dad) Gifford

Mom Gifford enjoying her grandkids.

John and Mom Gifford

And of course, no Gifford get together isn't complete without some games - 
- and my opportunity to try to kick Nathan's butt. 

Unfortunately, I haven't succeeded in that venture yet.
But the day will come, Nathan. Yes it will.   =)

 So, that's a tad bit of what we've been up to. Right now, I'm working on laundry and getting ready to pack everything up for some family vacation time. I'm so excited to spend some time with my sweetie and no work phone calls! Wohoo!  

I hope everyone is having an awesome summer. Please tell me what you've been up to!

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Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I've been going through the same thing w/ my blog. Totally stagnate!