Oklahoma Family Vacation - Part Two

Funny vacation story - We were staying in a three bedroom condo. There were two master bedroom suites - one with a king size bed & TV, the other with a queen bed but with more privacy on the other side of the condo. John and I opted to let the girls sleep in the king bedroom.  =)  So, what do two girls do with a king size bed?

 They decide to sleep on the chair and floor instead! Silly chicks!

One of the benefits of vacationing in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma, is that my cousin Erin lives in Somewhere, Oklahoma (Tulsa). So she booked some time at the resort and drove up with her munchkins for a few days. We had a great time - and our kids got along really great! I'm definitely hoping for more vacations together!

Our two families visited Har-Ber Village, which is a 1800's country town setting. The kids had fun running from cabin to cabin to see all the "old" stuff. And now, for your viewing pleasure . . . 

Erin & Me

Me & My Sweetie

What does a writer think is the most awesome part of the village?
The really funky old typewriters!

 Hang 'em from the gallows!
(They really shouldn't look that happy to be up there!)

Outside of this church was a statue of Christ.
Isaac (my ten year old) decided that we needed to stop and say a prayer before going to visit the chapel.
He led us in a short, sweet prayer. It was a wonderful parenting moment.

Oddly enough, we ended on Fairytale Lane. I don't know what that has to do with the 1800's, but Snow White's house was fun!

I hope everyone is having a great week! We're traveling again - this time back to visit my family in Pennsylvania. There are more pictures from Oklahoma scheduled for Friday. See you when I get back - I have lots of book reviews to catch up on!

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kbrebes said...

I'm glad you're having a super time! Kids are sooo cute!

Erin said...

We sure had lot of fun. Thanks for letting us crash your vacation!