Oklahoma Family Vacation - Part One

Little Miss MJ
Last week, The Ferguson Clan hit the road to Hickville, Oklahoma (actually, Grand Lake - Monkey Island, OK) for some R&R. Unless you're an avid boater, there really isn't much to do in Grand Lake. And since I got sick just driving up and down the hilly, winding roads to get to the resort, you can imagine I'm definitely not a boating kind of chick.

Rob being a goofball during lunch!
Our favorite part of the vacation was the resort's pool. It was empty all morning until lunch time. As you can imagine, our family took advantage of the opportunity to rule the waves! We were in the pool every morning by 9:30 and never left before 11:30 am. It just depended on what time others started showing up. Sometimes no one came until after noon. It was fabulous! Anna finally got over her fear of getting wet and even graduated to jumping in the pool and swimming around all by herself. Such fun!

I'm going to divvy up our trip pictures into multiple posts one each on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Today - Darryl Starbird's Custom Car Museum. We went because they had the original Batmobile on display. All you car fanatics - get ready to drool!

Monster Trucks!
This car was named Princess.

More funny stories and fun pictures to come on Wednesday!

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Amy said...

You guys saw some awesome cars. Sounds like the beginnings of a great vacation.

kbrebes said...

What a cute family you have! Looks like you're all having a great time. Those cars are awesome!