Weird, Wacky, and Random Game

My totally fun, writing friend, Gaynell, tagged me for this Weird, Wacky, and Random Game. I love stuff like this. Thanks, Gaynell!

Okay, friends—get ready for some weird, wacky, and random stuff about me!

1. I love to twist my hair around my fingers. I can't remember a time I didn't do it. When I was in my early elementary years, I would twist the hair around my pointer finger and it would get into knots. If I couldn't get the knots out, then I would just pull the hair out of my head. And since at that time I usually twisted hair near the back of my head while watching tv or reading a book, I had bald spots—really big ones. It drove my mom crazy! The other thing that annoyed her was pulling out the couch and finding all those knots of hair clumped up in piles on the floor. This phase of my life lasted for, oh . . . about three or four years. Note: Around age ten, I did learn how to twist my hair without getting knots and needing to pull it out. So don't be afraid to pull out the couches at my house!

2. When I was pregnant, my feet got bigger. Yes, I know this is common. But my feet kept getting bigger and bigger with each pregnancy. After four kids, my feet had grown from a narrow size 7 to a wide size 8 ½. Now that we are done having bambinos, my feet are finally back to a size 7, although not on the narrow side.

3. While we are talking about things getting bigger, having four kids in nine years helped me to grow quite a bit. When John and I got married, I was a skinny-minnie 100 lb chick. Just before having our last little one, I weighed over 200 lbs. During the six months after having our fourth, I worked and worked and managed to get down to about 150 lbs. Then in August, a friend of mine opened a nutrition club. I decided to check it out. I liked it and decided to join. Since then I've been able to reach 128 lbs AND maintain it through the holidays, vacations, etc while still having fun and eating like a normal person. I'm quite happy with where I am and plan to stay.

4. I enjoy singing with my kids. What's wacky or weird about that? We don't sing anything really normal like nursery songs. We make up our own goofy versions, sometimes to familiar tunes—other times to off the wall, bust-a-gut, one-of-a-kind originals.

5. I am a total chicken. My hubby can walk into the room and if I wasn't expecting him, I jump, suck in my breath, and my heart goes straight to aerobic level. Now, my hubby thinks this is awesome cause when he really wants to scare me, all he has to do is hide behind the door, then jump out at me, and I turn into a screaming mass of hysterical female.

6. I talk in french in my sleep and I think in french when in the shower. Yep, it's true. You'd think twelve years after living in France, I'd be back to normal by now . . . but I'm not. You'd also expect that if I can think in french, I'd be able to speak it just as well, right? Instead, I get all nervous and tongue-tied and only get the basics out.

7. My two favorite cures for writer's block: 1. change into PJ's and jump into bed. Then my mind starts to wander and come up with all sorts of story lines. If that doesn't work, then I opt for #2—which involves stripping off my clothes, jumping into the shower, and washing my hair. For some reason, I get my very best scene ideas by doing this. John has actually considered putting a white board in our bathroom so I can just write it all down without soaking my note books. I go through a lot of note books. (And no, my stories are not in french. This happens to be the one time everything comes out in english!)

Were those weird, wacky, and random enough for y'all?

Now, who to tag? Wa ha ha ha!

1. Kellie (Mere Motherhood)

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3. Mandi (Abbot and Alyssa)

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7. Jennifer (Confessions of a Lifelong Bookworm)'s the rules:

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Author said...

So funny! Hey that whiteboard idea is great - I get all sorts of funny thoughts in the shower - maybe it's the relaxing mood coupled with the boredom of standing still in a little white cubicle... Who knows?

Congrats on the weight're an inspiration...

Danyelle Ferguson said...


I was really thinking about the white board idea before we moved & our new bathroom is teeny tiny. The only thing that held me back was this: Would the white board ink stay in place or smear with all the steam the shower creates? What do you think?

Teri said...

That reminds me, I need to order some of that shake mix from your nutrition place.

Thanks for the tag. I'll get it done as soon as I can.


Danyelle Ferguson said...


I was actually going to talk to you about it the other day, but then all heck broke loose at the kids schools and we were rudely interrupted.

Let me know when you get your blog up. I'd love to read it.