Conquering the Mail

Mail is the demon of clutter at our house. It doesn't matter if it comes from our mail box, school, or from my kids - you can find it all over my counters, kitchen table, and even piled on the piano bench. In an effort to de-clutter, I found this tip from, of all the odd places, my March planner pages.

"A cluttered pile of mail is an unwelcome sight. I like to deal with mail as soon as it hits my kitchen table. I toss unwanted envelopes and catalogs and set aside the mail that deserves my attention in an "in-box" which, for me, is a basket. I designated a regular time to go through the mail, and that way I've been able to give it the proper attention when I'm ready to." - Claudia Caruso

I would love to hear more tips on how you organize your mail. Help me and other Queen of the Clan readers by sharing your mail organizational wisdom. Simply leave your tips in the comments section.

Good luck conquering the mail!

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Autumn Ables said...

I hate mail clutter, too. I just go through it right away. I throw away the junk and pile the rest on my kitchen counter to go through when I can. I suppose a 'basket' would be more eye appealing. :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi Autumn

Thanks for your tips. I *try* to do that, but usually everything ends up in one big pile. Then I run around searching the piles on pay day so I can find what bills need paid. I'm awful. Believe me, I know. :)

themeese2 said...

I'm only one person, so I'm sure my mail stack is much smaller than most! I go through it as soon as I bring it home from the post office. Bills go to the left of the computer monitor to await payment, which always happens on my paydays or as soon thereafter as possible. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I put together to track what bills should be paid out of which paycheck in the month, so I only write bills twice a month. Obvious junk mail goes directly in a bag for recycling. (My friend has a bin and I help her out.) If there is any REAl mail, it gets immediately read.

I cheat. I have no children or husband to mess this all up!

Danyelle Ferguson said...


Thanks for the suggestions! I use a spreadsheet to track my bills too. It just works better when I actually put the bill info into my spreadsheet! :)

Have a great day!