The Ultimate Chick Flick Contest - Vote Now!

The nominations are in. The poll has been created. And now, the time as come to vote, vote, VOTE!

But wait! There are a few rules. Well, just one really.

Each voter may only vote ONE TIME and only for ONE MOVIE.

What? You mean I let you nominate all those movies and you can only vote for one? Yep, that's right.

Hee hee hee - I'm sneaky!

So, send all your friends out to vote for their favorite chick flick. The poll closes in exactly one week, Monday April 14th at 1 pm. Then my hubby will watch the top three chick flicks to determine the ultimate chick flick . . . and who the winner of the movie gift card will be.

Good luck to everyone who participated!

Would you like to comment?

themeese2 said...

I haven't seen hardly any of these, so I had to vote for one of my nominees!

Anonymous said...

Love the Cartoon! LOL!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Kim - I looked through the list several times trying to figure out who I would vote for if I was allowed to vote. But I honestly have no clue. There are so many on the list that I absolutely love and watch over and over and over.

Annon - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

Autumn said...

I have seen almost all these movies and they're great chick flick nominees!

Though I didn't get to nominate a movie {that was before my pre-blog status here} I did vote. I'm happy to say that someone DID nominate what I woud have...and it made me smile that I voted on it!

This is such a cute idea, Danyelle! I love that your husband will be watching the top 3 and then casting his vote. So cool!

You make me want to do something similar on MY blog. :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Autumn -

Go for it! And if you do, please be sure to let me know. And be sure to stay tuned. I brought back a bunch of books from the Storymakers conference for future contest prizes. Yahoo!

Author said...

Hey - there are some really great movies on there! I know which one is my favorite, but, most of them are just so good. How did you get so many options on your poll? I can only get it to show max of 5 at a time...

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi Mandi

I used the Blogger poll option. It comes up with five slots to fill in, but below those slots there's a link to add another slot. I just kept clicking on that until I had all my movies in.

This is my first poll on my blog. I'm waiting to see what happens when the poll ends, how the results show, and ease of removing the poll.