Anna's First Steps

So, about a week after Anna turned one year old, she still wasn't walking - at least, not on her own. She was content to let her brothers and sister hold her hands and walk her anywhere she wanted to go.

Until one very fun week I babysat for a friend of mine who has a sweet little girl a few months younger than Anna. (see their cute picture together above) This baby girl wasn't walking yet either, but Anna was so interested in her that she just got up and started walking all on her own! Of course, then she followed the little girl around everyone - even to the point of climbing on top of and over her.

Anyway, the Sunday after I finished babysitting the cutie pie who inspired Anna, we took a short video of her walking. Ever since, we've had family asking to see it. I've finally figured out how to post videos on my blog . . . so here you go! (Ahem - please excuse our messy room.)

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themeese2 said...

Cute cute CUTE! Thanks for sharing! You could just see the wheels turning in her little head as she worked to keep her balance.

Danyelle Ferguson said...


I thought about posting the video where she totally wipes out . . . but decided to go with this one instead. Isn't she sweet? I'm glad you enjoyed it!