Free Chocolate Friday!!!

I just discovered something that every single woman in the United States will jump for joy over.

Free Chocolate.

Yes, I totally said FREE. Let me repeat: FREE CHOCOLATE!!!

Right now, women in chocolate desperation are grabbing their monitors and screaming in delight. I can hear them all the way in my humble little Kansas home.

Here's the deal my choc-a-holic friends . . . Mars is hosting a Real Chocolate Relief Act. They are giving away coupons for free "Real Chocolate" every Friday starting at 9:00 am EST and ending at 11:59 pm. Each Friday the first 250,000 people who register for coupons will get free chocolate!

There are a few restrictions though (which I totally understand cause without restrictions, Mars is going to have a Chocolate Stampede on their hands!) The Chocolate Relief Act ends September 25. That gives us moms with kids home for the summer something to look forward to each Friday, right? Also, there is a limit of a total of 4 coupons per household, but you can only get one coupon each Friday. After you sign up for your coupon, it will arrive in your mailbox approximately 6 weeks after winning them. Coupons are good for a free single-size package of M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Twix or Dove.

For your chance to win free chocolate, just go to and keep reloading until you can fill out the registration form. Every Friday the free chocolate will go faster and faster as more people find out about it. So bookmark the page and set your alarms for 8:45 am to be sure to get your four coupons for some chocolate relief!

Thank you to Freebies4Moms for letting me know about this awesome offer!

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G. Parker said...

Cool!! I got my entry in! Thanks for the heads up!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Yeah, Gaynell! Enjoy the chocolate, girl!

Nichole Giles said...

Quick and easy! I got mine too. Thanks for sharing this, Danyelle!


Danyelle Ferguson said...

No problem, Nichole! Enjoy your chocolate!