Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to the newest little Bauman!

Everyone, say hello to my totally cute little nephew, Michael Graydon Bauman, Jr.
Who shall be known to all his family as Junior . . . except for maybe Aunt Danyelle who's trying to sneak in Mikey, but Junior's Dad isn't quite warming up to it yet. :)

Mama & Junior

The very proud Daddy (my brother Mike), his daughter Chastity, and little Junior.

Aunt Danyelle and her little Mikey!

A really excited MJ holding her new little cousin.

Big sister Felicity holding her new little brother. Isn't she so cute?

Dad, Felicity, Chastity, and Junior - a very happy family!


KC Mom said...

What a sweetie! Welcome Junior!

Cindy Beck said...

What a cute little guy. So glad he arrived with no troubles!

(Thanks for stopping by our humor blog and commenting. And for your contributions to our book Mormon Mishaps and Mischief. Wahoo! Your stories in it are sooooo cute!)

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