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Entry #1

When I was about 20 or 21 years old, my sister and brother were approximately 12 and 10. Our mother did not have a lot of money but she always did everything she could to make sure we had Christmas presents, Easter baskets, etc. This year in particular at Easter time, mom told my younger brother and sister that she did not have any money for Easter baskets and that there would be no candy this year. It was true, she did not have any money. But, she managed to scrape together a little bit of money and bought a few chocolate bunnies for the youngest kids.

Well, I pitched in and bought stuff too including a large chocolate egg that opened up and held approximately 1/2 pound of small foil colored eggs. This special egg was for mom because she loved chocolate, too. By the way, did I mention that I am not a chocolate lover? Mom and I prepared the baskets and had them all ready for the morning to surprise the youngest kids.

Well, my sister, while half asleep, left the dog into the room where the Easter baskets were. She just thought the dog wanted in there because he was whining at the door! When Mom and I got up in the morning we couldn't understand why both my sister and brother were just sitting there watching TV and not checking out their Easter baskets that were full of goodies . . .

It was because the dog ate ALL of the chocolate. Yep, he even ate the special egg for Mom, which she didn't know about either - until it was gone. Miraculously, the dog did not die but he did leave a trail of foil in the yard whenever he went to the bathroom!

Entry #2

One day I couldn’t find my 18 month old, Tom. Finally I noticed a sound coming from the pantry. I opened the door and learned that he had discovered how to open pudding packs and was pretty much covered in chocolate pudding. He looked up at me with a chocolate grin and said, “Mmm, dood.”

Entry #3

It's been many years since this event, so some of the details have been lost, while others are crystal clear. I was in my teens and had been asked to babysit for a family I had not worked for previously. Their names and how many children there were are some of the details which have evaporated over time. But one fair-haired3-year-old from that particular evening will forever live in my memory.

The kids had been snacking on candy all evening, it seems. I just know that there were quite a few of those Hershey miniature candy bars floating around, and all of the kids had a piece of chocolate in their mouths or hands at some point. I probably ate some myself! As the evening progressed and the children eventually changed into pajamas and wound down for the evening, we put in a movie to watch in the living room. Suddenly, the youngest girl, who had been strangely silent almost the whole time, got up and stood in front of me. Without ceremony, she opened her mouth and out spilled a gooey stream of brown liquid.

Did I mention that this living room had beige carpet? There was nothing to do but to stick my hands out...and catch her noxious offering! In my surprise, I am sure I exclaimed something along the lines of, "Oh my goodness honey, what happened?!" Her reply? "I didn't yike it." I scurried her off to the bathroom forthwith, and discovered in the aftermath that she had put a piece of candy in her mouth, presumably a Hershey's dark chocolate, and when she discovered that it didn't taste very good, withheld swallowing it! She had been quiet all that time because she had been holding the chocolate in her mouth and while she didn't want to eat it, she didn't know what to do with it instead. Apparently, spitting it out in a safe, sanitary place like the bathroom hadn't occurred to her, and she finally came to the conclusion that if she gave it to me,I would know what to do with it!

The rest of the night is lost to history. But that singular moment of holding my hands out to catch a child's chocolate-colored spit will never leave me! I still enjoy Hershey's dark chocolate though, and remember her reply every time I eat it. "I didn't yike it."

Entry #4

I love chocolate, but if we have it in the house I will eat it all. So I will make cookies and buy chocolate,eat some and then send the rest to work with my husband so it is out of the house.

While my husband was in Dental school, I bought some Girl Scout thin mint cookies, ate a few and then asked him to take them to school with him. One day, my son Andrew got into Daddy's backpack, found the cookies, and started chowing down. We found him with chocolate all over his face. Good thing I didn't know they were in the backpack or they wouldn't have lasted long.

Entry #5

Does chocolate ever remind you of someone special? Let’s be honest – usually when I eat chocolate, I’m too busy enjoying the creamy sweetness to think about anyone else. But whenever I eat a See’s chocolate, I can’t help but think of my dad.

January of 2006 marked a low point in my life. I was about to leave home after the Christmas holidays and I had just broken up with my boyfriend of eight months. As I lethargically began to pack my bags to head back to BYU, my dad came into my room and offered me a three pound box of See’s Nuts and Chews that our family had been given for Christmas. I turned them down, insisting that chocolate didn’t look good (yes, I was that heartbroken). I half-heartedly explained that my favorites were the soft chocolates, anyway. My dad persevered, insisting that they would be a good way to attract boys. Rolling my eyes, I took the candy and packed it away, thinking that boys sounded even less appealing than chocolate.

The next day, settled back into my apartment in Provo, I opened the box of chocolates and placed them on the kitchen table. Then hesitantly, hardly believing what I was doing, I walked across the complex to an apartment where some of my guy friends lived. They were surprised to see me knocking on my door; it had been months since I’d made much time for anyone except for my boyfriend. But when I mentioned three pounds of candy, I didn’t have to say another word. Within minutes I found myself back in my kitchen eating chocolate with four boys – and I was having fun! I was even laughing! I began to see what a wise man my dad was.

A few days later, I was surprised to see a package in the mail for me. Opening it up, I began to cry. There, nestled into the white box I knew and loved so well, was a pound of See’s candy. Creamy caramels, pure chocolate centers, peanut butter filling – my dad, a man often too busy to eat lunch, had gone to the mall and carefully selected a pound of my very favorite candies. The love of my father overwhelmed me as I picked up a truffle and took a bite.

Since that day, I have been given chocolates several times, celebrating Valentine’s day, my birthday, and a few months ago, the birth of my sweet daughter. But no matter how many chocolates I may eat in my lifetime (and I hope to eat a lot), I doubt any will taste quite as sweet as the See’s my father gave me to heal a broken heart.

Entry #6

The Year of the Chocolate Truffle

My husband and I love to watch TV and munch on snacks after the kids are in bed.
One year, about a month before Christmas, I went shopping for stocking stuffers, which always includes a lot of chocolate at our house. I bought the usual stocking stuffer fare, but I also bought a box of chocolate truffles.

We sat down that night to watch a show and I got the truffles out. Of course, you have to consult the sheet they include that shows which chocolate is which flavor. So we spent some time trying out the different flavors.

It just so happens that we have different tastes in chocolate truffles, and so betwixt the two of us, we . . . well, we devoured them.

So, the next time I was in the store and I passed the chocolate truffle aisle, I couldn't resist buying another box of chocolate truffles, and it only took us another few nights to polish those ones off, too.

I'm not sure how many truffles we ate that year, but I do know we each gained at least 10 lbs. So now, we refer to that Christmas season as "The Year of the Chocolate Truffle."

Entry #7

I know this is blurry, but you can't deny the adorableness of a little girl eating Cheesecake Factory cheesecake! She's eating their Anniversary cheesecake, which is a combination of rich chocolate cake layered with their classic cheesecake.

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