Pictures At Last!!!

I've been promising pictures from the boys' birthday parties, the first day of school, and more. Well, here they finally are! Sorry it took so long - I was just having too much fun with my family. :)

The Birthday Blast . . .

Here are some happy, happy birthday boys! We rented a huge blow up bouncer for the back yard. Rob's party was that morning and Isaac's party was in the afternoon. We all had a blast!

And, the first day of school . . .

Look at those cheesy grins! (Be sure to check out MJ's, which is full of holes at the moment!)

Pose for Dad!

Even though it wasn't Rob's first day of preschool, he really, really, really wanted to go with the older kids to school.

Isn't Rob such a cutie?

Isaac receiving his Wolf Badge . . .

The Cub Master (Dad!) giving Isaac the Wolf Pin . . .

. . . Isaac putting the Wolf Pin on Mom's shirt. BTW - that's Rob's head blocking part of the picture.

Isaac received his Wolf badge, one Gold Arrow Point, and four Silver Arrow Points. Which means he not only met all the requirements for his Wolf badge, he also completed 50 extra achievements. Each set of 10 achievements = 1 Arrow Point. This is Dad helping Isaac put his badge and arrows into his shirt pocket for safe keeping.

A huge cheer for Isaac! That night the theme was trains. We all cheered in rounds when the Cub Master pointed to us.

Mom & Isaac - one happy pair!

A Happy Family - Mom, Isaac, and Dad.

Anna's favorite part of the night were the Pack meeting snacks - OREOS!

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm . . . Anna definitely inherited her Mama's chocolate-lovin' genes!

Girls Lunch Out . . .

My good friend, Amy, came to Kansas City for a family reunion. We met up at the Plaza and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was so much fun to chat and catch up!

So, friends and family, this brings us mostly up to date; picture-wise, that is. I hope y'all enjoyed the show!

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Kimber said...

I can't believe how big those your kids are getting! Isaac seems to be doing great - I am so happy!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi Kimber - It's been almost two years since you've seen them. Nutty, isn't it? And yep, they are growing like super-weeds! Or at least they all are except Anna who is stuck somewhere around 9 month old size. That girl needs go get some growing goin' on! :)

themeese2 said...

Sooo cute! I miss your gang.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

We miss you too, Kimmy.