A Thank You to Poison Control and My Hubby

Thursday was progress. I got some work done, and during my early evening nap, I had the most incredible experience. I dreamed a song about how awesome and incredible my daughter MJ is. I was so excited, I had one of my kids bring me a piece of paper and a pen, and I worked for the next twenty minutes, slowly transcribing and remembering the song. It was beautiful. I asked my husband to come up so I could show him something. He replied that he'd be there in a few minutes.

By this time, the kids were getting ready for bed, so I decided to take my medications really quick. I took my antibiotics, still thinking about the song. I measured out 15 ml for my antihistamine and drank it really fast - then froze.

Oh. No. That one wasn't my antihistamine. It was my prescription cough meds with strong pain meds mixed in. And I just tripled the dose.

I walked down the hall, where I could see my hubby reading on the couch. "John, you need to come up here and call poison control." That's the fastest I've seen him move in the past week.

I'm glad it was my hubby on the phone, and that he didn't tell me everything they said. But apparently he was pretty freaked out. Check to make sure she's still breathing every 30 minutes for the first four hours - that's one he didn't tell me.If she stops breathing, call 911.  He did tell me I'd probably get tired - which was definitely true, but at the same time, my brain was on a super loopy doopy roller ride. I had a super sensitive startle reflex - even just seeing my hubby's head on the pillow next to mine freaked me out. Because that's all I saw of it - a head on a pillow. Everything was disassociated. There was apparently a lot that happened that I don't remember - singing while asleep, I kept waking up John to tell him stories about whatever weird dream I had. One of them was: Our house was on this little island and our netbook and library were on a side little island. But then, the side island sunk and we lost all our books. It was sad. The End.

I told that one to him multiple times throughout the night.

John said that part that freaked him out the most was how absolutely different I was acting. Nothing was "normal" when I woke up at one point and said, "My face tingles. My nose tingles and my fingers too. I don't like tingles." I continued rubbing and scratching my face, trying to make the tingles go away. I remember Poison Control calling to check on me a few times - cause every time the phone rang, it scared the crap out of me.

It was a rough night for my hubby. Not that it was any fun for me, but I don't remember most of it. Today, yes, my face still tingles a bit and I can definitely feel an over-medicated drag. I've slept through the majority of the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

And no more letting the sick people get their own meds for themselves - no matter how much better they think they're feeling. Thanks for being on call poison control.

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Tamera Westhoff said...

Oh Danyelle! I'm so glad you're okay! Yes! No more giving yourself meds, it's a bad idea! Be careful my friend and get better!

Tapper said...

I'm so glad you are okay and thank you for posting that very effective public service message on why we should never abuse prescription drugs. :)

rebecca h jamison said...

How awful. Glad you're okay.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your illness and I hope you can make yourself rest enough to get better. I enjoyed reading your post, even if it was a scary time for you. Glad you're okay.