Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Note from My Bed . . . .

It's been a week my friends. One that has certainly felt more like a month journeying between the hottest land in Africa to the most frozen part of Antartica. Chills, shakes, fevers, sweat. So disgusting. A head that wants to burst, a cough that won't stop and a horrible ear/throat/chest infection.

Today is the first day I could actually sit up and look at my netbook without wanting to be sick all over it. But I'll count that as progress. It's better than where I was. Now, back to sleep for me. I hope y'all are doing much better. Please share some happy stuff on on in your life to make me feel better.


Dixie Mom said...

Oh Dear! Get better soon!

Tapper said...

I hope your trend of improvement sees a sharp spike soon and you are back to your "normal" awesomeness. So sorry! This is a really bad one.

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