Last Day of School

I can't believe it's here already. It seems like I just sent my munchkins off for their 1st day of school. How did we get to the last day so quickly? I'm amazed by how much my kids have grown this past year.

Isaac finished his 2nd year of middle school. One more year to go and then he'll be in high school. That is So. Not. Right. He did an amazing job in cross country and track. What can I say? My boy loves to run! And it was so fun to see him continue enjoying the cello and perform in concerts. 8th grade has a lot of decisions that need to be made - what program he wants to apply for to study in high school, which high school he'll attend - which will depend a lot on if he chooses to go into a 21st century program or not. Either way, 8th grade will be a pivotal year for him. I hope this summer he continues to learn independence and how to work/compromise with others.

At this moment, MJ is getting ready for her final walk through the halls of her elementary school. Each year, the students, teachers and parents line all the halls and have a clap down (lots of applause and cheers) as the 5th graders walk through all the different grades, then finally through the lobby and out the doors - never to return again as an elementary student. Last night, MJ was talking to me about how much she's going to miss her school, teachers, and friends. It's such a tender transition. There's so much good stuff ahead for my daughter. She's an incredibly smart, sweet girl with such a wide bright happy future waiting for her to step into. I can't wait to see what choices and paths she chooses to pursue.

Rob, holy moly, I can't believe my baby boy just finished 2nd grade! He's going to be a big 3rd grader next year. Wow! He had an awesome year participating in Student Council, running club, and being accepted into the Quest program. He's another one of my little smartie pants kids. I absolutely love Rob's sense of humor and tender heart for others. I hope he doesn't lose those wonderful qualities as he continues to grow older. I'm excited to see what he'll choose to do in 3rd grade. Will he continue playing the piano? Decide to try out a sport? I'm sure whatever he does, it will be with a happy, cheerful smile on his face - because that's just the kind of kid Rob is. He's awesome!

My Anna Banana graduated from preschool. We still don't know what will happen with Kindergarten for her. I've asked for a transfer to another school because our school K teacher is very harsh and makes the kids cry. I've watched her for 3 years now and just know she's not the teacher for my daughter. So I've requested a transfer for Kindergarten. I was told they wouldn't give me an answer until the week before school begins. If the transfer doesn't come through, then I plan to home school her and enroll her for specials at our elementary school. At least that way she'll still go to the school for an hour each day and will get to know some of the other kids in Kindergarten - but she won't interact with the Kindergarten teacher. Just the specials teachers. My only worry is that Anna is such a social bug. She loves, loves, loves going to school. So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the transfer will come through - because I really think that would be the best option for Anna. She's learned so much this last year as a peer model in a school district classroom and has already passed off a lot of her Kindergarten curriculum. So I'm not worried about her educationally, just socially. She loves to be with other kids. Either way, we'll figure everything out. I'm excited that she's grown so much and is so ready to jump into her next year of school.

Overall, it's been a great school year. There were lots of bumps in the road, lots of learning moments, and lots of awesome let's celebrate moments too. My kids amaze me - some days they drive me nuts, but most of the time, they're just pretty darn great. I'm excited to see how this summer goes (especially since being sick has screwed up a lot of my plans). I just want to get well - fast! - so I can enjoy as much of the summer as I can with my munchkins.

What's your school year review like? Have any fun plans for this summer?

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