Love and a Jar of Pickles

Saturday, I had a follow up appointment with my doctor. I just couldn't kick this ear/throat/chest infection thing. Well, I got an update, but not one I expected. I some pretty severe pneumonia going on. Bad enough, that she wanted me to be admitted. I talked her into some mega antibiotic shots, a breathing treatment (that didn't help, which was concerning), and a trial home run. She agreed so long as I stayed locked in my room away from everyone else so I don't get any other germs. Then she shot me up with some holy-moses-that-hurts shots in each hip and told me that if I start to get short of breath that I need to go to the hospital. So now I'm stocked up on a ton more mega antibiotic meds and some great loopy meds too. I had one severe coughing fit this morning. I panicked and it got worse, but John was able to help me calm down. If it happens again though, the hospital will be our next stop. So prayers would be very much appreciated for both me and my family.

My appetite for the last two weeks has been dismal. I've only been able to eat small amounts of wet or juicy things - jello, pudding, applesauce, chicken broth, canned fruits. And even those have been in small amounts. I've tried to eat other things - dry Cheerios, a granola bar, and something else I can't remember, but nothing tastes right. It's all gritty and textury and not agreeing with me. And I'm just not hungry, although I know I need more than Gatorade to stay healthy. When everyone was outside today, I broke out of lock-down to go scrounge the kitchen for something to munch on. I opened the fridge door to look through my jello stash and discovered a jar of my favorite bread and butter pickles - not in the chips like I usually buy them for my sandwiches, but in spears so I can actually eat the pickles. I asked my hubby if I could have them. He said, "I hope so. I got them for you because you've only been eating wet munchie stuff. I thought you'd like those for a change in flavor."

Oh man. I absolutely love my husband. He shows me thinks about me and loves me through hundreds of different little things every single day. He is the most amazing, honorable man and I thank God for him every single day. He's just damn incredible and he's all mine.

My man and a jar of pickles. If I didn't have pneumonia, I'd give him a wet sloppy kiss. But he has to stay healthy to take care of the kids for the next four weeks while I battle this out. So, I'll hold back.

Take care, my friends. Be healthy, be strong, and go do something active today to make up for my bump that's stuck in a bed.

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