What's Your 2012 Book Reading Goal?

Books rule the roost at my house. Picture books, middle grade, YA, gobs of fiction, and yes, there's non-fiction in there too. Our family loves it all.

Between judging for the Whitney Awards, editing manuscripts, reviewing books and devouring novels for my own enjoyment, I know I read A LOT. But I've never tracked HOW MUCH. But Book Chick City has inspired me . . .

Book Chick City's goal is to read 100 books in 2012. She hasn't quite reached her goal for 2011 yet - she's on book #79 right now. But hey, she has winter break to catch up. If she reads like me, I bet she can totally do it!

She's also hosting a reading challenge. In 2011, she had over 630 people participate. How fun is that? I've decided to join her 2012 challenge.

Will I reach 100 books?

Maybe. I guess we'll see!

Who wants to join me?

Would you like to comment?

Unknown said...

Welcome to the challenge, Danyelle! I hope you have fun and reach your goal - thanks for signing up and good luck! :)

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I attempted 50 last year #fail. I'm going to try 50 again this year before I consider any more.

Wendy Swore said...

Hm, I just counted that I'm up to 95. 5 more before the new year? Maybe. We'll see. ;)