Faithful, Fit & Fabulous . . . and a Book Giveaway!

Filled with humor and "I can relate" life experiences, Faithful, Fit & Fabulous is the ideal 8-week life boost that will refresh any woman's life. Create a personal and effective life plan, and learn how to readily apply it in your busy daily life. Establish holy habits, feel fit and fabulous, and get organized. Just one goal a week for eight weeks--simple and fun. 

 Every once in a while, a book comes into your life at just the moment you need it most. Faithful, Fit & Fabulous is like that for me. These last few months I've felt unbalanced in every aspect of my life - spiritually, work, family, personally. It all went out of whack and I've struggled to get things back on track.

On a visit to my publisher, I found Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous by Connie E. Sokol. The timing was at the beginning of the tailspin out of control. I was excited to find it, but then was so busy it ended up sitting on my desk. Have you ever done that before? Knowing that something that can help you is within your reach, but watch as it sits aside while you continue on your current path? Yeah, not the most brilliant moment for me.

Then I was asked to participate in the blog tour - which meant I had to make the time to read the witty bits of wisdom inside. And wow, has it ever made such a difference in my life just this past week alone!

The author starts off with a basic preview of her program - to take 8 weeks and improve a different section of your life each week, by creating doable goals. She recommends not choosing goals that you have to do every single day, rather creating goals to do 2-5 times and will be completed in one week. There are only two sections she recommends doing at the very beginning of the program. They are the Holy Habits (spiritual goals) and Create a Life Plan (which she calls a blueprint to help clarify, focus, and live your ideal life). After these two sections - which take a week each - you can skip to any chapter of the book depending on what area you are most interested in improving. They include:

  • Discover Joy in Womanhood
  • Feel Fit and Fabulous
  • Find Balance in Motherhood
  • Get Organized!
  • Create Healthy Connections
  • Establish Financial Peace and Prosperity
One of the things I really like is the author doesn't ask you set typical goals. Instead of saying "read your scriptures each day," her suggestion is to create a Scripture Sanctuary somewhere in your house. I love that! Each section ends with a few suggestions. I've found that they helped me think outside of the box and create goals that are really for me, rather than something "experts" say I should do. 

There are bonus chapters called Back to Basics with ideas to continue using this 8 week program throughout your life. The author also has an awesome website with even more ideas and printable goal charts, etc. Go check it out! It's filled with fabulousness! (Note: If you're searching for the printable charts to go with the book, they were a bit difficult to find. Go to the FAQ tab and that's where the download link is.)

To read a preview of Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, click here.

Win a Copy of Faithful. Fit, and Fabulous!

Earlier in this post, I mentioned I had already purchased a copy of this book before being asked to review it. I now have 2 copies of this awesome book, so I'm going to share the Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous love. Entering is simple - "Like" my Queen of the Clan FB page & leave a thoughtful comment on this post. Be sure your contact info is available either on your Blogger profile or is in the comment trail. A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday Dec. 12th.

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kbrebes said...

A scripture sanctuary is one of the best ways to set a spiritual light in the mind of a child because it will last forever, especially during times of darkness.

ps I'll facebook this!

Unknown said...

Customizing your goals makes it more likely you'll accomplish them!

Debby said...

I could really use this book. My life seems to be in a downward spiral and I need to do something to reverse it.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Christy Richards said...

Always fun to read your blog. Sounds like a fantastic book to get goals set and accomplished.

Kimber said...

This looks like a great book! I am learning that when I am burned out, it usually means I am spending time on the wrong things. I need to use my free time on things that build me up, rather than just filling time with things that I like doing. I can spend hours just aimlessly surfing the internet, but afterwards I feel pretty lazy. If I spend time reading with my kids, or pulling out the Lego bin, I feel fulfilled. I'm a work in progress, I guess. :o)