Monday, November 15, 2010

It's My Birthday - Shout Horray!

Yeppers, today is the big 3-3.

The funny thing is I thought I was turning 33 last year, only to find out at my own party that I was actually turning 32. So I missed out on a whole year of being 31! That's okay, I had two really awesome years of being 32.  =)

Turning 33 is awesome. I've actually totally loved my 30's so far and adding another year to the end doesn't bother me a bit.

On another note, I got my anniversary gift a bit late - it's finally all finished, framed and hung up, just in time for an extra birthday gift! Isn't Natalie Hunsaker an incredible artist? I LOVE how she captured such a real moment for me and my sweetie.

 We decided to hang it over our living room fireplace mantle.

 Here's an closer upshot.

Doesn't it look awesome?

And now, I get to spend the day doing whatever I want. Hmm . . . I'm thinking writing, playing with my family, and eating out sound just about perfect. Have an awesome day, everyone!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!! That picture is so amazing. I love it.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday! That picture is so beautiful. I think it is really funny that you forgot to be 31. I am now in my final year of the thirties, but like you, I've been considering myself forty already. I better enjoy 39 while I can!

franklycreative said...

Happy Birthday, Danyelle. 33, oh, to be so young. Enjoy it!

Shirley said...

The picture is gorgeous! I missed a year once too. It was like another present to realize I was a year younger than I thought I was. : )

Stephanie Black said...

Happy birthday! And I LOVE that picture!

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