NaNoWriMo - 25K Down!

For the first time ever, I have hit 25,000 words in my NaNoWriMo challenge. This is my second year participating. Last year, I quit about ten days in because my publisher asked for some rewrites. But this year, I am totally into the challenge - and can I just say, it's POWERFUL!

I have never pushed myself through a book so fast. I've never focused so intently on a book either.

I started my NaNoWriMo project at the first Annual Authors Incognito Writers Retreat. Yes, there are pictures. I'll work on post them and scheduling them to appear next week. So, my challenge began for me on Thursday afternoon, November 4th.

One week later on Thursday, November 11th, I hit 20K. I had worked so hard and was so excited, I seriously cried.

Today, after a three hour write in at Borders, I hit 25K.

While the writing and seeing my word count grow is incredible, the real reason I've succeeded is because of my Authors Incognito writers group. Man, we have had emails flying all over our email list. Urging each other to succeed, organizing writing sprints, pushing each other to write more - and congratulating each of us for every single word that went on paper, no matter how big or small our word count was for the day.

Each word makes a difference.

Writing has never been so powerful and fluid. I love NaNoWriMo!

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