Book Review: I'll Know You By Heart by Kimberly Job

Today's book review is I'll Know You By Heart by Kimberly Job. Here's the back cover blurb:

The day Stephanie Roberts met Jared Wakefield, she didn't realize they'd met before. Running from an abusive marriage and trying to safeguard her children, she turns to Jared for support, but he needs more from her than she might be capable of giving. With her abusive husband looming in her past, the difficulties they must overcome to be together seem insurmountable.

Is it possible for love to conquer all?
I'll Know You By Heart is a timeless romance that explores the possibility that relationships span the entire realm of eternity. A story about abuse, hardship, and betrayal, it is ultimately a story about the healing power of everlasting true love.

My review:

In my opinion, the back cover blurb doesn't do justice to the story you'll discover in this book. This book is so much more than a romance. It's such a true to life story, with raw emotions and a mother's struggle to survive & recreate a life for her and her children - all while also trying to escape the negativity and poor self-esteem which results from years of abuse. By the end of the first chapter, I knew Stephanie was a woman I could personally connect with as a survivor of abuse. The turmoil and emotional upheaval she experiences - Kimberly Job did such an excellent job detailing and pacing it throughout the book. I love that she also showed Stephanie's journey back to rediscovering her worth as a daughter of God.

The element of romance was expertly woven in, so that it didn't seem contrived, but rather more natural. What I loved was that the romance didn't "cure" either characters situations or trials. Instead, a friendship was formed. As they helped each other - through child care and listening to each other's rough or good days - their friendship became a great foundation for love that slowly bloomed.

I'll Know You By Heart was a powerful book I couldn't put down. I read straight through to the end. If you enjoy a good family drama with a romantic flair, you would truly enjoy this one!

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Kimberly Job said...

I was really looking forward to reading your review, Danyelle. I'm so glad that you liked the book.

I hope that readers will gain hope from it's pages and know that there can be happy days ahead.

Can't wait for your book to come out!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Kimberly - The review was well deserved. I'll Know You By Heart is an incredible book. Thank you for asking me to review it!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read this. I've heard such beautiful things about this book that it simply cannot be missed.

prashant said...

Can't wait for your book to come out!
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