You Know It's Spring When . . .

1. Your friends start planning spring crafts. This is the craft we just did together.

2. My two youngest kids go out to play in the back yard, then bring back a bucket of worms they dug out of the ground.

3. The first few daffodils bloom! It's so nice to see color outside again!

4. Your neighbors leave their dogs outside all day while they're at work.

5. You search the medicine cabinet for a cure for your headache because the dogs are so excited to be outside with their "friends" that they don't stop barking. All. Day. Long.

6. The neighbor hires someone to install a really cool wooden play set & your kids constantly bug you for one, too. (Which has you reaching for more pain meds!)

7. Someone fires up the grill for the first time and uses WAY too much lighter fluid! (Close the windows - FAST!)

8. Instead of asking to play with Nintendo when homework is done, the kids ask to go outside to play.

9. My hubby forgets it's time to come home from work because it doesn't get dark before 5 pm.

and finally . . . You know it's spring when . . .

10. You start going through the shorts and t-shirts, only to discover your kids have grown another size - and unfortunately, so have you!

What are your "You Know It's Spring When" moments?

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Braden Bell said...

For me it's when the garden calls me with a voice that won't stop.

I do have to quibble with one tiny thing in your post. There is no such thing as too much lighter fluid. :)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Oh no! Are you related to my neighbor??? =)

Anonymous said...

Your spring decoration looks awesome! And my neighbor dogs are doing the same thing. One of them goes nuts when my kids go into our own backyard. I'm about ready to flip...a burger. Yeah, that's it.

Kimber said...

For me, it was our tulips coming up. Matt dug through the hard, rocky soil last year to make me a tulip patch. The tulips bloomed and died and ... okay, I knew in theory that they were supposed to come back this year. But it was still a miracle when they did. It almost made me cry. But hey, I'm pregnant. I've been known to cry at a lot less!

Don said...

I knew it was spring when our power bill was only $400. (And sadly, that's a significant improvement.)

I also know it's spring when the laundry pile overstuffed with sweats and extra layers of long sleeves miraculously shrinks down to a few t-shirts and jeans.

And in Texas, of course, spring means bluebonnets on the side of the highway. We saw our first patch yesterday!

Kimberly T. said...

The very first sign is when the robins come back and then we spot other birds and hear the Canada Geese honking. That's the best! Spring here means squishing all the clothes in the drawers to make room for long sleeves and short sleeves together, every day is different. The wind howls about nonstop, and we go from beautiful sunny weather to snow the next day. But in between we get to sneak outside for a minute or two and look for anything green.

Cindy Beck, author said...

The first signs of spring to me are blue skies and daffodils peeking through the ground.

Nice post, thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

prashant said...

There is no such thing as too much lighter fluid. :)
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