Book Review: Wrong Number by Rachelle Christensen

Today, I am reviewing Wrong Number by Rachelle Christensen. From the back of the book:

“I think you have the wrong number.”

When Aubree Stewart answers her cell phone on the way to work one day, she isn’t prepared for her life to change. Someone dialed a wrong number, a simple mistake. But the call changes everything when Aubree overhears information about the murder of a government official. Now she must run for her life as the caller tries to eliminate her.

Aubree is placed in the witness protection program, but when the FBI’s protection fails, she heads out on her own. She soon realizes she’ll never stop running until she can solve the mystery behind the wrong number. Unable to trust anyone but herself, she’s cautious about accepting the help of a Park Ranger named Wyatt Erickson. As she struggles to keep herself hidden from the enemy, she finds it harder to protect her heart.
Teeming with government plots, a dash of romance, and plenty of intrigue, Rachelle J. Christensen’s Wrong Number will have your heart pounding the next time the phone rings!

For a sneak peek of the first chapter of Wrong Number, click here.

My review:

When Wrong Number arrived in my mailbox, I was curious and decided to open it up to read just the first chapter. That first chapter grabbed me and pulled me right into Aubree's life. I don't find a lot of books I literally jump into and don't put down, but this was one of them. Thank goodness my hubby agreed to cook dinner for our family, or it would have been a "Make-Your-Own-PB&J Night."

This is Rachelle's first book. I'm very impressed with her pacing and suspense. It was an easy read, one that any teenager or adult would enjoy. I sincerely hope Rachelle has another fiction book out soon! She does have a non-fiction book coming out in May called, Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage for Latter-day Saints.

Author Interview:

I thought you'd enjoy learning more about Rachelle. She's a very fun and talented woman I met at the LDS Storymakers Writers Conference.

What inspired you to write Wrong Number?
 I wanted to enter a chapter into the first chapter contest at LDStorymakers in 2007. I came up with the first chapter of Wrong Number, it won second place, and then I went on to write the rest of the novel.
What’s coming up?
I’ve got a few things I’m working on. I’ve finished an inspirational romance that I love, called Wind Song and I’m enjoying writing my WIP-working title Caller ID, so I guess we’ll see what comes up first on the docket.
Do you have any advice for other authors?
If you’re serious about writing, attend writers conferences and classes, join a great critique group, read novels in your genre of interest, and write, write, write! Also, learn how to take criticism and know when to apply it to your writing and when to chuck it out the window.

Where can we find your books?
Anywhere books are sold. If you don’t see it, ask for it and they can order it in. Available wherever books are sold, including Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon, or by clicking on the link here:

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Rachelle Christensen said...

Thanks, Danyelle, for the great review and interview. I'm so glad you could take part and that you enjoyed Wrong Number. :) Looking forward to seeing you again at the conf.