Spring Break and Peanut Butter Toast

It's finally here - the first official day of spring break. After a weekend of meetings and running here and there, all I really wanted to do was snuggle into bed and not get out before noon. Okay, more realistically at least not before nine.

Instead, I woke up to an alarm I intentionally set for 7:30 am. When it went off, I woke up wondering, "What in the world was I thinking?"

Oh yeah - the gym. Water fitness class. Work out. Lose weight.

And I thought, "Do I really want to lose weight? The bed is so much nicer right now."

After ten minutes of debating back and forth, I finally dragged my tired tush out of bed, threw on my bathing suit, ate some Cheerios, and headed out the door. Of course, the majority of my kids were still snuggled in their beds - just where I still wanted to be. Oh, before you worry, my hubby stayed home with the kids. So don't think I left them home alone or anything.  =)

Water fitness class was great. Our Monday instructor, Dee, worked us really hard. Anyone who thinks you don't sweat in the water is totally mistaken. My legs and arms are like jelly by the time our class is done. Of course, then I follow water fitness up with the water weights toning class, and that's it for me folks!

Now I'm back home and really just want to crawl back into bed. But instead, I'm sitting here at the computer, munching on peanut butter toast, and rambling away about my morning. I'm starting to think about what my goals are for spring break.

Goal #1 - Keep the kids from terrorizing each other.

Solution - Organize a schedule that includes stragetic tv & Wii time. If I plan the tv & Wii breaks right, then there should be a good balance of playing with each other vs having some "leave me alone" time.

Goal #2 - Try to save the house from four rambunctious kids.

Solution - Chores. Yeah, I know - it's spring break. Time to hang out and relax. Do all the things the kids don't get to do during the week. In my book, that means CLEAN! ORGANIZE! DE-JUNK! My kids have no idea what delights their mother has in store for them. Wahahahaha!

Goal #3 - Escape!

Solution - Depending on how the weather co-oporates with us, I'm hoping we'll be able to go to the park a few times this week. If the weather doesn't co-oporate, then we'll hit Monkey Bizness one day and swimming at the Y the other days. We all need a break from the house. Being cooped up leads to fighting, and well, more fighting (which means Mommy get headaches and banishes the kids to their rooms. Not exactly fun.).

Goal #4 - Spend some time with my main squeeze.

Solution - Date night & lots of them! Yeah, I know it's spring break. Family time and all that jazz. But, seriously, if I'm going to survive until the kids go back to school on the 23rd, I need some time with my sweetie (and no kids!). If we're lucky, we'll get out maybe once or twice. The other nights, we'll snuggle up on the couch and watch a bit of tv after the munchkins are in bed, chat about anything that's not kid related, and just unwind from the day. Together. Just us adults. Sigh - I'm looking forward to that part of the day already.

Goal #5 - Cook as little as possible.

Solution - It's time to warm up the grill, sweetie! Get out there and show me your manly cooking skills.

Ah, yes. Spring break is shaping up to be mighty nice. And this peanut butter toast is quite tasty. Yum, yum!


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Rebecca Irvine said...

Good for you. I did not want to get out of bed to exercise this morning either. But I did--went walking with my new trekking poles. And now I am glad I did.

Kellie said...

I love Mondays when I don't babysit because then I can sleep a little later! Today I got to sleep in until 9AM and it was wonderful. I hope you have a great Spring Break!!

Christine said...

Wow, good for you for having exercise win, the bed would have won for me! LOL... I like your game plan for Spring Break!! I need to do that.

Cathy said...

You certainly know how to organize. Make a plan and then put it to work. YOu go woman. You inspire me.

Cindy Beck, author said...

Great plans, and wonderful organizational skills. But, you know what made me come to your blog this morning, and what I loved most about this post? The words, "Peanut butter toast."

I'm a peanut butter toast lover and your picture made me smile! :)