Share the Love: The Gift of Laughter

This week has had some interesting twists and turns. Some of this week has been filled with extreme stress, frustration, and lots of tears. For me, the only thing that balances out these moments is laughter. This time around, my hubby challenged me to some games on the Wii, added in a bit of teasing and some snugly hugs in between bowling sessions. Another thing I really like when I'm frustrated, is to sit down with a funny book and give my mind a break from it's swirling stressful thoughts.

A great humor book I recommended back in December is Mormon Mishaps and Mischief. I've picked up this book many times to read a few of the short stories. It's a great tool for a quick chuckle.

This week, co-authors D.N. Giles (Nichole) and C.L. Beck (Cindy) are hosting a blog tour and fun contest. I'll tell you more about the contest . . . but first, let's learn a bit more about Nichole and Cindy, who both agreed to let me interview them.

QOTC: So, chickies, I have so many important questions for you. Let's dive right in. Since it's still early in the morning for me (almost 11 am and I wish I was still in bed!), what's your favorite cereal?

Cindy: Chex - which I love as Chex Party Mix. Does that count?

Nichole: Hm. That's a tough one. We're a cereal family at my house and could probably live on it for quite a while if things got tough. Or even if they didn't. I'm going to say Fruit Loops. You know, because I tend to be a bit loopy at times. Plus, they're colorful and fruity delicious.

QOTC: What was the name of your first pet?

Cindy: Mickey, but he wasn't a mouse.

Nichole: My first?As in, the very very first one? See, that's a problem. When I was five, we found a family of desert turtles and brought them home. We got to keep them in an unfinished portion of our house for about...two days before they mysteriously ran away. Poor turtles. I can't even remember their names! That same year, we also caught a rattlesnake. It didn't get a name.

QOTC: I am totally not a morning person. So I'm curious - what time do you get up in the morning?

Cindy: Well, sometimes 3 am when the train comes through (not the house, through town) and the engineer lays on the horn. But usually I hope for 7 am.

Nichole: I plea the fifth. Really. Because I stay up late a lot, writing. Sometimes reading. But my kids get to school, and that's the important thing.

QOTC: One of my very favorite things is fun socks. Tell me about your favorite pair of socks.

Cindy: Soft and fuzzy. They're actually bootie socks. And boo hoo, I'm down to my last pair and can't find them anymore. Waah!

Nichole: A good friend gave me a pair of fuzzy red ones with skids on the bottoms. They're very cozy. Except I don't love the skids because I can't slide on slick surfaces. For that, I have to get out the stripped knee-high toe socks, which are another favorite pair.

QOTC: I'm friends with people of all different ages, but they all have one thing in common - their true age isn't the number on their driver's license - it's an attitude. So, what age are you at heart and why?

Cindy: Well, I think my heart is about 57 years old, counting from the day I was born and don't include the nine months I was in the womb. Oh, you mean like how old do I feel mentally? About 105.

Nichole: It depends on how much I've laughed that day. Laughing can sure make me feel like a carefree kid. I don't mind that feeling at all.

QOTC: My hubby is an ice cream addict - although root beer floats & anything from Cold Stone are his favorites. What's your favorite ice cream creation?

Cindy: Baskin Robbins peanut butter and chocolate. In a cup. With lots of napkins (on my lap, not in the cup!).

Nichole: Ben and Jerry's used to make a tropical concoction called Island Paradise. It was pineapple ice cream with a rich mango swirl, and--I think--bits of banana. Sigh. It's discontinued. I miss it. Let's all go petition Ben and Jerry's to bring it back! Hurry!

QOTC: What is your favorite jewelry item to wear?

Cindy: My grandmother's opal ring. I only wear it for special occasions.

Nichole: What a question. How could I ever play favorites? It's almost like choosing my favorite child. It just isn't done! Sorry.

QOTC: And last, but certainly most important - Do you sing in the shower? And if so, what do you like to sing?

Cindy: Sometimes. And if you promise not to tell anyone (Sorry Cindy - did  you really think I'd not tell anyone an interview answer?), I like to sing the Rubber Ducky song from Sesame Street.

Nichole: Absolutely. I actually had my husband install speakers in my bathroom ceiling, so I can really get rocking in the shower. My favorite song totally changes on a daily basis, but recently I've been listening to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga a lot. It has a beat that really gets me moving in the morning.

QOTC: Seriously? Speakers in the bathroom? That's a genius idea! I love it! I wonder if I can get my hubby to do that for me, too? Thanks for letting me interview you, chickies. I think I found some kindred spirits.


And now, for the contest portion of the blog tour! There are actually many contests running during this blog tour.

1. Cindy & Nichole have donated a $20 Amazon gift card to one winner. This winner will be chosen from ALL the comments left on ALL FIVE BLOGS participating in the tour. So the blog tour stops you visit and comment on, the more opportunities you have to win! (blog tour schedule is posted at the end of this post).

2. Queen of the Clan is giving away an autographed copy of Mormon Mishaps and Mischief to the readers who leave comments here on THIS BLOG.

3. Some of the other bloggers participating in the blog tour are also giving away books and other items. Be sure to check out their blogs & enter to win there as well. Each blog has different requirements to enter. So please be sure to read the rules at each stop carefully.


All of the contests will end on Friday, February 19th. The winners will be announced on various blogs Monday, February 22nd.

Be sure to leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry. Each comment will count as one entry, even if you leave feedback for multiple entries on that one comment. To enter, you can:

1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me why you'd like this book.

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Michele Ashman Bell said...

What a great interview. I have to have this book because anyone who has speakers in their shower is my favorite person of all time!

Unknown said...

Still wondering how turtles "run" away . . .

Have this book, and love it! I posted a review on Amazon, and will do Goodreads a little later.

* said...

Great interview!

I'd love this book because in between spooning bowls of stress and anxiety this past week, I really need a good laugh. As does my husband.

Valerie Ipson said...

Can't get through the day without several good laughs.

And I want speakers in my shower!

Valerie Ipson said...

I believe I'm already a follower and if not I will be in one second.

Jolynn_Reads said...

I would like this book because it sounds like a funny book, that even my teen would enjoy.

Jolynn_Reads said...

I follow your blog.

Jolynn_Reads said...

I now follow the LDS Humor blog

Jolynn_Reads said...

I just signed up to be a Queen facebook fan

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks for the awesome review and interview, Danyelle!

I'll tell you what--when you and John come to the LDStorymakers conference in April, I'll explain how I got speakers in my bathroom ceiling. Or, rather, I'll have my husband explain since he installed them.

Yes, he helps me rock out.

Cindy Beck, author said...

Thanks for the fun interview, Danyelle. I loved your questions ... very inventive. And now if you'll pardon me, I need to go jump in the shower with my peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and sing the "Rubber Ducky" song. :)

Elizabeth Morgan said...

That was a wonderful interview and it is fun to here about authors and what they do.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

I became a follower. This is awesome blog you have.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

I'm a fan of LDS Humor. This is an awesome blog.

Kimberly Job said...

Fun interview. I love these ladies. Their book is so much fun!

Carolyn Twede Frank said...

This was my first experience with a blog tour. I found it delightful. Loved your interview, Danyelle. Cute questions. I will definately reading more blog tours--hope they all are as cute.

Heather Justesen said...

Fun interview, not that I expected anything different considering who was interviewing and who the interviewees were!

throuthehaze said...

I would love this because it sounds like a fun read!

throuthehaze said...

follow on twitter @throuthehaze

Anne said...

I'd like to win..I need to laugh more when stress and frustration occur! (everyday) :)
annemolino at hotmail dot com

Anne said...


Anne said...


Anne said...

I follow you on twitter! amolino

Anne said...

I get your email newsletter

Anne said...

I follow lds humor blog

Heather said...

You can NEVER have enough books....even if your house is starting to look like a library.... :)

Taffy said...

Awesome interview!
I twitted your contest.

Taffy said...

I had to put the book down to give my laughing muscles a chance to relax!