Calling All Writers

It's one of my favorite times of the year again. Nope, it's not my birthday and nope, I'm not celebrating a holiday. I'm excited about something you won't find pre-printed on your wall calendar, but it's till something that makes my heart skip a beat and start craving the smell of paper and ink.

It's time to register for the annual LDS Storymakers Writers Conference!

The Storymakers conference is my very, very, very favorite writers conference. I've attended for  - hmm . . . five years, I think? Maybe six? Each year, the conference gets better and better. Bigger names, more agents, expanded classes that teach everything from the basics for beginning writers to the nitty-gritty details for experienced authors. I'm super excited about this year's conference as it will be my first time attending as a soon-to-be published author. I can't wait to dive into all the classes on promotion, book signings, website design, and taking care of business (my tax lady will love me for taking that class!).

LDS Storymakers Writers Conference
April 23-24, 2010
Marriott Hotel
Provo, UT

Guest speakers include:

Jessica Day George, author of The Dragon Slippers series, Princess of the Midnight Ball, etc.
David Farland (aka David Wolverton), author of NYT's best-selling series, The Runelords.
Aprilynne Pike, author of Wings 
Bree Despain, author of The Dark Divine
Elana Johnson, contributor of blog
Matt Whitaker, writer & film director
Christian Vuissa, film director
Nephele Tempest, agent from The Knight Agency
Laura Rennert, agent from The Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Krista Marino, editor from Delacourt Press

Now writers, wipe that drool from your chin and hop on over to sign up for the conference right now!

If you're already signed up for the conference, I recommend you check out the Show Your Love contest the Storymakers are holding through the month of February.

Would you like to comment?

Unknown said...

That sounds so interesting! I would love to go to that. I've never considered myself to be a good writer and I've never aspired to write a book but I would love to know how to write beautifully just for recording my own history. Who knows where that desire could take me but I would love to attend that conference and find out.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready, baby! Registered and happy as a clam. =] I can't wait!

Kellie said...

I'm registered! Now I just need to babysit for two more weeks to pay for the hotel room. I'M EXCITED!!

Elana Johnson said...

I can't wait to meet all my online friends! It's going to be such a fun time. :)

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

I'm registered, and I absolutely can't wait to attend!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I registered this year and can't wait to meet all the LDS writers/authors out there - like you, Danyelle! I also have ARCs of my July Scholastic book I get to show off! Yahoo!