Love . . . Aunt Jan

So, for the last few weeks my hubby's Aunt Jan has been HOUNDING him to watch this Subaru commercial. She's texted, Facebooked, and called until finally he got his tush in gear, tracked it down, and watched it. He laughed, then brought it over to me.

"I have a video I want you to watch. I'll tell you why after."

So we hit play . . .

After the commercial, I said, "Yeah? And?"

"Someone told me I needed to watch this video because it reminded them of you. Or at least the chick in the video's facial expressions reminded them of you."

So I watched it again, and just had to laugh. Am I that expressive? If so, sweet! Then I bugged my hubby until he told me it was my awesome auntie through marriage who loves this commercial so much. She told him every time she sees it she thinks - Danyelle!

Thanks Aunt Jan! You're awesome!

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Anonymous said...

You're famous! Well, even more famous! What a great aunt. =]

Kellie said...

That is awesome:) Now every time I see it I'll think of you, too!