Cub Scout with Autism Saves His Teacher's Life

On Thursday, October 15th, ABC news ran this awesome story about a ten-year-old boy who learned the Heimlich maneuver in Cub Scouts. Through practice with his dad at home, this boy was able to quickly react and save his art teacher's life when she began choking in class. Get out your tissues!

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Christine said...

Okay, so you should seriously put a tissue warning on videos like this. What a sweet kid. Thanks for sharing this video. It's just one more piece of proof that kids with Autism can function in the real world and need to be given a chance.

Nichole Giles said...

Oh my gosh, that kid is so cute. What a great interview. Thanks for sharing.


Talia said...

Congratulations on the book. I cant wait till it comes out. Thanks for posting it on the LDS yahoo chat. I might not have known about it otherwise.