Happy Halloween!

I absolutely love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday of the year. I adore getting dressed up - evil witches, fairy princesses, and silly clowns - they are all so much fun! This year, I will once again be haunting the neighborhood as Maleficent, the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. It's one of the spookiest costumes I've come across and I just adore it.

My kids have all picked out their costumes and are counting down to Saturday when they can finally pull out their Halloween bags and start knocking on the neighbor's doors. I'm sure many of you parents are experiencing something similar.

But before we do let our kids out of the house, I think it's very important to review with them (and ourselves) some Halloween safety. I found an excellent website called Halloween Safety Guide. They have tips for children, adults, parties, costumes, and even pets. Please stop by, read up on safety, then go out and have a fabulous time!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Kendra Mitts said...

Yahoo, your doing Nanowrimo it's so exciting. What's your screen name? I am thediarywithin and this will be my fifth year doing nanowrimo and my third year being an ML. Drop me a line and I shall add you to my friends list.

ali cross said...

Thanks for that link Danyelle! And Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Kellie said...

I want to see you in the costume! I need pictures:)

Amy DeTrempe said...

Good luck with Nano and I hope you reach your goal. Have fun with it.