The Climb

I love the song, The Climb, by Miley Cyrus. In fact, I think it's my favorite out of all her songs.

We each lead such different and unique lives.

Some of us are mothers overwhelmed by raising children with special needs. Some are sleep deprived from walking the floors with colicky babies. Others are single moms desperately trying to balance work and family, while dealing with the stress of trying to put food on the table and paying medical bills.

Or perhaps you're a husband caught between the downfalls of the economic recession, worrying about possibly losing your job . . . or stressing because it's been months with no job leads in sight.

A few of us are writers, putting words on paper and bringing characters to life, but wondering if anyone else will ever have the opportunity to discover and connect with our stories, our message.

Perhaps you're recovering from an addiction--drinking, drugs, gambling, or pornography. The list of addictions today goes on and on. The road to recovery is long, complicated, and filled with many temptations.

Some of us are survivors of abuse still dealing with after-effects of fear, poor self-esteem, and anxiety; trying to pull ourselves out of the nightmare our lives once were and plant ourselves back onto a solid foundation.

Each one of us experiences the refiner's fire. We each have different struggles and trials. But we also have moments of incredible joy, happiness, and gratitude. Life is full of low valleys that humble us as we dig in, scramble, and continue climbing . . . climbing . . . and climbing until we finally reach the glorious mountain peak and find satisfaction and contentment.

And it's not just one climb. Instead life is a series of climbs - sometimes one right after another, and other times it seems like we're acrobats trying to find our way through multiple paths at once.

But here's the key - keep your dream in front of you. Keep moving. When everything seems hopeless, count all the incredible blessings you DO have, then dig in and keep climbing. And you will find that you are stronger than you imagined.

Have faith, my friends. I want to see you all on the mountain peak next to me.

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Josi said...

Great post Danyelle. I agree that moving forward is the only thing we can do to 1) get somewhere else and 2) overcome our challenges. :-)

Nichole Giles said...

Beautiful, and very timely post. Thanks for sharing such inspiring thoughts.


Hillary said...

Love this post. You are such a good example and very inspiring. Miss ya.