A Bug's Life

My third-grader, MJ, made this absolutely incredible project for her insect studies in science. I love how she blends her creativity and her love for science together. She completely amazes me! I wish I would have taken pictures of her starting from the beginning. This starts towards the end, after she's put the bodies together using PVC and wire hangers, then paper mache-ing them. At this point, she's painting & sealing them, then attaching them to their habitats.

Painting the butterfly

Butterfly & Caterpillar drying

Creating the egg

The finished products:

Isn't she awesome? I'm so proud of her!

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Tamara Hart Heiner said...

wow! that is way intense and awesome! go her!

Amy said...

That is so amazing. She's quite artistic. Go MJ

Tashua said...

Thats better than any science project i ever did! haha

Kellie said...

So impressive! What a talented kid!

Sara said...

MJ, that is amazing! And to think that all I did for science projects when I was younger was to grow mold on bread. :)