Change Her World

There are three things from this video I want you to pay particular attention to:

1. More children will be diagnosed with Autism this year than AIDS, Diabetes, and Cancer combined.

2. There is NO cure for Autism. However with early intervention and intensive therapy children CAN lead full and active lives. ***I wish the media emphasized this more. There are some children who will never leave the world they are caught in called Autism, but others will learn how to cope and grow and learn and WILL go on to lead happy, full lives, including going to college, getting married, and having a loving family.

3. Claudia's parents say, "I want a world where my daughter is not pushed aside and told to wait for two years . . . What happens today will have a direct impact on the rest of her life."

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Anonymous said...

Touching clip. Thank you. It's so hard to read the facts. They hurt.

We are so lucky to have great services for Wyatt.

Kellie said...

That is an amazing video, Danyelle. I know you do a lot around your part of the states with Autism. Do you do anything political? Like trying to get legislation or anything?

Cindy Beck, author said...

Wow, what a touching video. Such a cute little girl. Thanks for posting it.

Oh, and thanks, too, for stopping by my blog and commenting. Now I'm wondering just whose life you'd like to give to the cause! :)

Anonymous said...

very touching, love number 2 the most. My son is Autisic.

Found you off of Mormon Mommy's

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'm just weeping like mad here, imagining how it would feel to be a parent whose child was denied such urgently needed help. What an amazing family to be pushing for change instead of giving in to bitterness.