Yesterday, my older kids' school held a mock election. My daughter was so excited to come home and tell me all about it.

Her class spent the day learning about all the candidates running for president. They studied their views on different issues, as well as learning more about their backgrounds. MJ said it was really neat.

I asked her who she decided to vote for.

"I voted for McCain!" she told me proudly.

"Why did you vote for McCain?" I asked.

"Because when I was reading about what he said about education, he said that parents should have the right to choose where their kids go to school. I think that's important. We should be able to go to school wherever we want."

Wow. I just about cried. She had a real reason! She knew something about the candidate she voted for! It wasn't because he was popular, or because of what color his skin was, or if the candidate was male or female. It was because he said something she felt was important to her and her family. What an awesome seven-year-old!

Of course, then she told me something quite funny . . .

"Mom, did you know McCain is going to have a party?" she asked.

"A what?"

"A party!" she said.

Of course, I was thinking about the ball the candidates have after the election. "You mean after the election? All the candidates have a party after the election, honey."

"Yeah, but McCain's is party is special cause it's a Republican one!"

Hmm . . . I think the next thing we need to work on is learning that each candidate belongs to a political party - which doesn't mean balloons and cake!

I hope each of my readers takes the time to go out and vote. No matter who you choose to vote for - vote for the candidate you feel will lead our country wisely. Every vote is important!

Happy Election Day!

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Cindy Beck, author said...

The strength of our nation lies in our children. It was heartwarming to hear that your daughter had an informed opinion ... even if she did think McCain was having a party! :) Cute.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thanks, Cindy! I thought it was neat that the topic she was most interested in was education. Such a natural concern for kids who attend school for the majority of their day! :)

The Thomas Six said...

"Your vote counts!".... Mine Didn't

Danyelle Ferguson said...

What? Didn't you vote? Robin! :)