Thoughts About Church and Glenn Beck

In the town I live, my church has several congregations (we call them wards). Up until this past Sunday, one of the congregations was for Spanish-speaking Church members. Well, this past Sunday, some changes were made. The Spanish congregation was dissolved and those members are now attending the congregation that correlates with where they live. (Explanation: We have three congregations that share the same church building. So to make sure there's space for everyone, and enough teachers for each class, our Church divides up the the city into thirds and members attend the congregation that is in their boundary.)

This past Sunday was also fast and testimony meeting, which means members fast (choose not to eat two meals that day) and anyone from the congregation can stand to bear his or her testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. What an incredible experience to hear testimonies from the newest members. Some bore their testimony in English, others in Spanish. Personally, I don't know much Spanish, so didn't understand the actual words that were spoken. But the feeling of the Spirit in the room was very tender. What a wonderful witness that the gospel is true and the same in every language, every country.

I have two new girls in my Sunbeam class (three-year olds). I'm really looking forward to getting to know them better and watching the kids all become friends. I've already seen some very sweet moments as one little girl, Julie, was sad because she missed her sister. Another girl in the class, Lilly, was very sweet and held Julie's hand and gave her a big hug. They stayed together as we went on a class walk, and Julie gradually cheered up.

This is why I absolutely love teaching the Sunbeams. They are so kind, loving, and accepting, just like Jesus was. Our favorite song to sing is Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. My goal is to become more like my wonderful Sunbeams.

Changing the topic a bit, I was looking around on You Tube and found this touching video of Glenn Beck talking about his family and Church. I love Glenn, his political shows, and just his general attitude of "This is what I believe. I'm not going to back off." It was neat to see a glimpse of the real Glenn Beck, and not just the political "on-the-air" guy. Enjoy the video - and have a wonderful weekend!

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themeese2 said...

Cool! That was very enjoyable, although I have no idea who Glenn Beck is!

So many people in the world, so litle time to know them all.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Kim - Glenn Beck is a popular show host. He has a radio show and a tv show as well. CNN uses him often as a political analysis guy. I love hearing his POV on different subjects.

G. Parker said...

My hubby listens to Glenn beck on the way home from work. He gets a real kick out of him. Whenever he gets on a rampage, we remind ourselves that he claims this is the 'milder, gentler' Glenn Beck. lol. He's the best.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I agree - he's the best. I love his POV and he just makes me laugh sometimes. He's just pretty dang cool. I'm glad you think so too! :)